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Monday, December 19, 2011

'Latex Fetish' Models

Well, this little Blogspot Blog has been fairly active the last few months. I just started the Mundane Blog in August 2011, and here it is December 2011, 53 random posts later...

However, when it comes to this particular blog, this may be the last post for a while, since I will be on a transitory hiatus (from this site) while working on other online projects and stagnant websites of mine. I have like 6 sites to mess with, and it is hard to keep all of 'em updated all the time, so I often let some of them go dormant while I'm refreshing the content on others.

Anyway, I'll most likely return soon enough... So, since this may be the last post for a few weeks or more, I thought I'd drop down some links to some eye candy and, in this case, sexy Latex Fetish Models! Yummy!
I just built an image gallery today featuring what I like to call the "latex queen," Bianca Beauchamp. This babe is smokin' hot! I'll give a link to her gallery in a moment, along with a sample image just to get your engine started.

I'd hate to have just one girl featured under this particular fetish category, so I'll most likely add another babe to the latex mix; plus, the title does say "models" as in plural. Ha! In the event I add another gallery page, I'll come back by and update this post with another image and link to the new pictorial page. Okay, enough talk; lets get on with it...

Sample Image of the Fetish Model & Latex Queen, Bianca Beauchamp:

I went with red latex for the sample image, but this model looks great in tight black latex and just about anything else she sports in a skimpy fashion. It is just something about scantily clad models with 32FF fake breasts, that gets me every time... Ha-ha! However, Bianca is also very seductive when fully covered in tight latex, let me tell ya...

At any alluring rate, if you'd like to see more of her, visit the image gallery page, here: "Bianca Beauchamp - Sexy Fetish Model - Latex Queen"

I've added another image gallery under the latex category. Her name is Susan Wayland; she is a sexy German Fashion Model. I'll provide a sample image below and a link to her gallery page; cheers!

To see more of Susan, visit: "Susan Wayland - German Fashion Model - Image Gallery"
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Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Most Lethal Toxins Known to Humans - Video

I recently stumbled across a video that spoke about the 10 most deadliest and/or lethal poisons (toxins) known to man, humans or however ya want to phrase it.

My first reaction was: Why would you want to air a video that broadcasts such things, as it may be fuel for an aimless idiot with nefarious intentions, to get motivated and scatter some of these proclaimed poisons of utter death and gloom. But then again, this is an open network here, so lets have some fun! Ha-ha!

From 10 to 1, the crazy, high-paced video speaks about the toxins: Cyanide, Anthrax, Sarin, Amatoxins, Strychnine, Mercury, Tetrodotoxin, Ricin, VX (used in chemical warfare as a nerve agent), and Botulinum Toxin (it is considered the most powerful neurotoxin ever discovered).

Watch the quick video "10 Deadliest Poisons Known to Humanity," below:

Since we are on this toxic subject, after viewing the video, I ran across a web page entitled "Deadliest poison known to man proves to be a savior," which spoke about one of those lethal toxins being used to help humans - in certain cases & doses, of course.

Also, the highly toxic "Amatoxins" listed in the video, stems from the "Death Cap Mushroom."
I once promoted a product (and still do today), Milk Thistle, that was used long ago for combating the ill effects of the poisonous Death Cap; although I didn't bother mentioning it being used for amatoxins (since that is not a common reason to need Milk Thistle) on the page I'm about to link to, you can still find the post about this beneficial, herbal form of liver detox, here: "Liver Detox - Milk Thistle."

Anyway, I hope everybody steers clear from the poisons listed above, and that you found the quick flick interesting, for what it's worth...

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Moldavite - Mystery Crystals from another world?

Well, this really sounds like a mundane topic, now doesn't it? Ha! Okay, maybe slightly otherworldly, but either way, moldavite is apart of Earth now...

There is some debate about the origin of this pretty-looking, glass-like crystal, but I'd say most people would agree that it came from some type of meteoric collision. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia, stating such things: "It is also widely argued that the moldavite glass was formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a giant meteorite in present-day Nördlinger Ries. Splatters of rocks that were melted by the impact cooled while they were actually airborne and most fell in central Bohemia - traversed by Vltava river (German: Moldau). As such the glass can be found in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.
Isotope analysis of samples of moldavite have shown a beryllium-10 isotope composition typical of the Australasian and Ivory Coast tektites."

In case you're wondering, "tektites" simply means via Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a glassy body of probably meteoric origin. That definition is sort of funny because it is not often you'll see the word 'probably' when defining what a term means.

In metaphysics, which is how I came across these expensive, rare crystals while I was going through a phase where I was buying these metaphysical stones & crystals at an alarming rate - not to practise woo-woo metaphysics - but because I thought they were decorative and neat to look at; ha-ha!
Anyway, if you're an avid mystic, these mystery crystals from another world are believed by many to have special metaphysical powers and to supposedly be useful for the oddities that have incarnated into Earth from other sectors of the universe (I know the feeling - ha!). Hell, who knows, maybe it remedies nostalgia.
Personally, I think they are attractive but too expensive - due to their rarity. I read on Wikipedia that the total amount of Moldavite scattered around the world is estimated at only 275 tons. That isn't a whole lot, when you think about it in comparison with other things found on this planet. That 275 tons is counting all of the moldavite that hasn't been mined yet, so the number of circulated moldavite would be even smaller.

Other uses besides the supposed metaphysical properties and its obvious ornamental use, is hand-crafted jewellery.
I actually own a small piece of this otherworldly crystal, and it was quite expensive considering how small and lightweight it was. It was regular grade, as high-quality and/or museum grade would have been even more pricey.

Anyway, all this "from another world" talk brings me to the real reason for this post. I mainly just wanted to provide a friendly image (too bad it isn't larger) featuring an extraterrestrial body of rock colliding with the peace-loving blue planet known as Earth, below:

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Promotional Link: "Buy Telescopes & Binoculars Online"

Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Sucks!

I'm one of those folks that are usually one of the last to update their IE browser, and with many good reasons. I like to wait several months or longer, just to give Microsoft some time to fix most of their errors, work out the kinks, correct the glitches, create patches, etc. Why I have to wait on such things from a company that shouldn't have these problems to begin with, still amazes me today.

Anyway, I gave in the other day and figured that I have waited long enough, and frankly I was tired of seeing the "Download Internet Explorer 9 Today" campaign. After downloading this supposed super-safe, super-fast IE version of a browser, let me tell ya, I sure made a mistake!

It was by far the worst browser I have had in a very long time, if not the absolute worst ever! In simple terms, "it sucks!" For one, it was a lot slower. It seemed to be more invasive like it was busy recording all of your movements and websites that you visited. Some websites just flat-out wouldn't work. For the ones who have adverts on their sites, it even screwed up some of those, as well. Several videos on certain websites wouldn't play anymore, and to top it off, it wouldn't even let me publish blog posts on or allow me to edit my posts on one of my paid domains! WTF?

Anyway, I had a backup browser just for these special fun-filled moments provided by Microsoft, and that was the Firefox browser. Firefox has always been reliable thus far. ...But get this: I updated Firefox and now it is starting to suck as well! It keeps trying to record my last session! Who in the hell wants their web search history recorded on a shared computer or even on one that isn't shared? So now, I have to open a blank tab every time before I exit, so it won't record the last page I visited, but that's another topic, as we are talking about IE right now.

Okay, well, a person may ask: Why do you still use Internet Explorer 8, 9 or whatever? For starters, I quickly uninstalled IE 9 and am now back to using IE 8 (which isn't that bad). Secondly, the ONLY reason I still use Internet Explorer is because I have a few websites and blogs that I work on. I like to see how it functions and looks through the more popular browser, although more and more people are switching over to Firefox, Google's Chrome browser, etc.

Anyway, I don't solely use Internet Explorer, but that's the main reason I keep it. However, if they keep upgrading to junk like IE 9, I'll do away with it completely and never look back.

I'm hearing a lot of good things about Google's Chrome browser, and I may start using them more often or switch completely over. That particular browser suppose to run applications and websites with lightning speed. You can download it or read more about it, here:

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Yvette Martinez - Sexy Model

Well folks, it is time to add a little scenery to the blog again. Covering random, mundane topics is totally fine of course, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to add a little flair into the mix - like a sexy Hispanic model named Yvette Martinez, for example.

This babe has been featured in Lowrider Magazine along with many others, music videos, etc. She is from Los Angeles, California. ...Going by Y. Martinez's profile page on a model site, she is very much into: fashion/glamour modelling, music video appearances, bikini/lingerie photo shoots, magazine print, advertising, event promotion (club, music, sports) and more... Yeah, I'm sure she has no problem making money, to say the least.

To read more about Yvette's interests and whatnot, visit:

I couldn't find any Wiki links about her, but I did go to Wikipedia to try and find a meaning in the female name 'Yvette', but still had no luck. I couldn't find any special meaning in the name 'Yvette' that would signify her sexy self, but oh well, it was worth a try.

Okay, that's enough chatter. It's time to drop down some lovely images of Y.M. so you can see why she is such a successful model, etc.

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Recent Image Gallery: "Sexy Cheerleaders"

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Water Filters & Galvanized Pipes

A while back, I got rewarded with a busted water line that was leading to my house. Outside of the inflated water bill from all the leaking water, the City/Water Company will not fix it for free if it's on your side of the water meter. Joy, joy, as it is just another bill being crammed up my bunghole as usual, except this time it is something called a "water leak." Dang, didn't that stuff (water) used to be free? I've never understood how little earth-dwelling humanoids can merchandise something called water while living on a planet that consists mostly of, uh, water!

Anyway, upon looking for plumbers and other so-called "qualified individuals" to fix it, I ran across a lot of whines and complaints and talk about needing all this big equipment to dig up the earth. All I want is my water line fixed, and I do not care if it is a galvanized pipe or PVC or how much trouble it is to dig up the ground; just fix the damn thing! Well, the last codger that gave an "estimate of cost" did me in, and I was all about fixing it or at least digging up the dirt myself. By the way, I don't need a bulldozer or a backhoe to dig a stinking two-foot hole!

It was obvious where the leak was - due to all the water spouting out from one area, and after I cut the water off from the source, all I needed was a shovel, perhaps a pick in the event it was rocky ground, something like a screwdriver to grate the pipe, and a little elbow grease (Oh, no! That's the thing they call "manual work!").
Anyway, to make a long story short, I saved at least 500 dollars or more, by fixing the water leak myself. But here's the thing, it was in fact a galvanized pipe. If your house is old and you have those types of pipes, you may encounter this very same thing, at any given time.

My dad went to the water company to get the part required to fix the pipe, and was also told about how a lot of times the galvanized pipes (that they mainly used back in the day) will often rust from the inside out, as opposed to what many would think, which would be from the outside in. After digging a two foot hole and discovering the leak, and after scraping and grating the pipe with a screwdriver to find the exact location of the hole, the outside of the galvanized pipe looked decent! ...But just think of how the inside might have looked! If you use city water, the PH level will usually help prevent rust and corrosion, but even more concern needs to be directed towards the people that live outside of the city and use well water, as the PH is often naturally lower - along with the additions of other contaminants that may promote corrosion and bad health.

---Side note: We used a high-quality clamp to fix the water leak, but if you don't have one available or can't find one, and are still interested in fixing your water leak without these so-called "professionals" that overcharge, you can most likely find a good 'pipe wrap' online. I would start by typing into the search engine of your choice: "Galvanized Pipe Wrap."

At any rate, this is where the use of water filters comes into play... I used to promote these things years ago, before the whole "water filter pitcher" promos came into effect.
After you realize what your water goes through just to get into your house, one may be thinking about some type of water filtration, to say the least! Enter below, for a link that provides an array of water filters, etc. Personally, I use the water pitcher method, as I don't like the bulky filters that hang over the sink, and so on...

But before you go any further, you may want to read this: "Are there any potential health risks associated with corrosion by-products from water transported through galvanized drinking water pipes?" Read more, here:

This isn't a promotion, but a fair warning; get your water filters today:

--- 'Click Here' for a fine selection of Water Filters, Filter Pitchers... ---

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The depiction of an "Ancient Alien Theorist" - Ha-ha!

Or, is it simply the depiction of "ha-ha?" LOL!

Legitimate Historians? I'm the ancient astronaut theorist via the ancient-ancient-ancient alien that stepped on a trilobite a few million years ago that totally whacked out society as we know it, along with the lovely specialists of ancient-ancient-ancient grey people and, if you piss me off, I will chant about the green reptilian aliens (while I fluff my hair into a replica of Einstein getting cranially electrocuted) as well...AND their purpose for co-existing with all of us other weirdos... [source = unknown; check the world wide web for reference].

Ha-ha! This post is just for entertainment; I stumbled upon the image above, as I was searching for alien pictures. I just thought it was funny (you gotta love the guy's enthusiasm and wild hair), even though I'm actually a fan of alien theories and I've even enjoyed watching a few shows from the Ancient Alien series. Anyway, back to the poppycock I was typing......

Aliens, God, Satan, UFOs, Angels, religions, facts, fables, fictional short stories, actuality, imagination, bad hair day, fried brain cells, marijuana, alcohol, drugs galore, Ancient Aliens' territory, Jesus Freaks, Muhammadan madmen gone wild, Buddha on a diet, the numeric 666, heaven's gates, you freakin' name it!!!
Personally, I just wish the ancient alien theorists would simply remove the anal probes from the cosmic mix of extraterrestrial perversion, as we could all sleep easier without cattle prods with demented intentions, branding our anus cavities during our sleep while crazed lunatics chant praise of such things on cable television; cheers!

Good luck and God Bless! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

---End of Post "The depiction of an 'Ancient Alien Theorist' - Ha-ha!"

Recent Article:  "Nazi Bell Project - Time Travel Experiments"

Are social networks hurting the online dating business?

Before I go any further, I must say that the title used for this particular blog post is more or less just a string of words in the form of a question, used to make this subject sound more interesting than what it really is. In reality, "Online Dating" sucks anyway, so who cares, right?

...But the question still remains: Are social networks (like FaceBook, MySpace, etc.) hurting the online dating business? In my humble opinion, I think they are, but I'd say that it's a good thing...

Personally, I try to stay away from social networks and online dating sites; both types of "Cyber Entertainment" are full of fake people, to say the very least! No matter if it's an Internet dating site or a common online social network, anybody can create a profile and pretend to have loads of friends and wonderful assets along with their feigning multitude of magnificent personal traits that are to be envied by the masses. Ha-ha! What a joke!
However, with all of these social networks forming amid the cyber-based community, I would say that the chances of connecting with potential mates, will be a little better on those sites as opposed to the typical match-making website found online.

With that little amount of verbiage being typed, this subject is almost closed. I'm not even going to bother typing about what I think of all the social networks out there. Hey, if it floats your cyber boat, then continue to sail through the world wide web waters; just don't come through my internet boat dock, please, because it contains detectors for online asininity - among other things, of course. Ha!
Anyway, the main reason for this post, is actually to provide a link to a page that I wrote several months ago on another website of mine, that humorously described online dating in a nutshell, and a big one at that (okay, it was quite an elaborate page, but well told nonetheless). The other reason for this stupid blog post, is to provide some funny images that depict Internet dating in full swing; enjoy...

First of all, if you're interested, visit the web page I wrote a while back about this topic:
"Looking for a date online? Cyber Dating sucks for many reasons..."

Funny & Realistic Images about Internet Dating:

Uh, yeah, speaking of Cyber Entertainment, maybe you should have just stuck with the simple forms that you get from web cams and/or pages like this:

---End of Post "Are social networks hurting the online dating business?"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just another ancient mystery... The Nazca Lines

I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about the "ancient alien theorists" and/or the ancient astronaut theory, but still, what is it with these "Nazca Lines?"
The History Channel (among others) has promoted the notion of Earth being visited by extraterrestrials enough; it's nothing new to me (unlike most people) as it is old news for my highly intuitive, remarkably intelligent self, but still... What rock have you been living under lately? Since when did looking up into the skies and to envision other worlds and intelligent beings out there amid the chaos of creation, get to be so boogy-boogy creative and cosmically untold? Oh, I get it... It is now acceptable to believe in life outside of planet Earth via the media, so now it is okay to talk about it in public. Whatever...

The Nazca Lines is just another ancient mystery that many folks can blame on worldly mundane causes or, for some of us, perhaps otherworldly aliens and whatnot. Whatever the case is, just make sure you throw the word "ancient" in there when you're explaining such things, you know, for the authentic effect; ha-ha! Is it, oh, could it be, lets see... Ancient Aliens from another world or planet?

At any less-than-crazy rate, I'm posting a quick YouTube video below, that speaks about the Nazca Lines in Peru:

Side Note: I get so sick and tired of seeing all those stupid comments on YouTube! I'm leaning more and more towards the notion that YouTube should just remove the comment field altogether. More times than not, reading the comments on some of these videos (not necessarily this one; just saying...) only makes you realize how the majority of the people on planet Earth (at least the ones online) are uneducated idiots that are often spoiled, senseless prima donnas that are rebellious and unruly without a cause, in which many of them should have their Internet privileges took away, just for being a complete imbecilic being amid the cyber-based society - but then again, if it wasn't for the flaming fools of stupidity with Internet access, the online marketing campaigns and advertisements couldn't thrive as well as they do now. So, with my apologies, I take those last couple of insulting comments back, as the confused heathens that I just spoke about, are evidently allowed online just to make many of us web-savvy people some damn money; Ha-ha!

To be more germane towards the topic at hand, here is a relevant link for ya:
"Were the Nazca Lines created by ancient astronauts / aliens?"

Oh, speaking of aliens and the "Extraterrestrial Hypothesis" per Wikipedia, the "Official White House Position" on this matter states this vague response of utter legislative jargon: "In November 2011, the White House released an official response to two petitions asking the U.S. government to acknowledge formally that aliens have visited Earth and to disclose any intentional withholding of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings. According to the response, "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race." Also, according to the response, there is "no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye." The response further noted that efforts, like SETI, the Kepler space telescope and the NASA Mars rover, continue looking for signs of life. The response noted "odds are pretty high" that there may be life on other planets but "the odds of us making contact with any of them—especially any intelligent ones—are extremely small, given the distances involved." ...My response to that cute little exchange of words = "ha-ha-ha!"

---End of Post "Just another ancient mystery... The Nazca Lines"

I finally tried Ranch Dressing with Hot Wings...

Well, I must say, I'm definitely a connoisseur of chicken wings and a meat-eating aficionado, but I've never tried Ranch Dressing with hot wings before, until the other day. Year after year, I keep wondering why people relate this white creamy dressing with those blissful, tasty, hot & spicy wings, and I never give it a try just because it doesn't sound right... I've cooked 'em several different ways, tried a many frozen chicken products, and have damn-near taste-tested every hot wing in the fast-food and restaurant businesses within my local coordinates of a reasonable distance, but I've always ignored the whole Ranch Dressing dip thingy because when I'm checking out how good the wings are, I don't want anything else that can get in between me, my taste buds, and the hot wings I'm eating. However, yesterday, upon my seek to find another variation of hot wings that I haven't tried before, I went to a Pit BBQ place that mainly specializes in pork (Whitt's Barbecue). I ordered up 20 Hot Wings at the Pork BBQ restaurant for 13 dollars (a little high, but I've paid more at other places and plus, one must remember that they mainly sell pork, not chicken).

Anyway, I paid for the food, got my lovely loaded Styrofoam container filled with hot wings, and went on my merry way. When I got home, I opened the environmentally unfriendly (Styrofoam) container full of wings and noticed that they put two big packets of Ranch Dressing in there. I was like, "what in the hell is it with Ranch Dressing?" I threw those stupid-looking packets away, and then started thinking...
I opened the fridge and seen a bottle of Ranch Dressing in there that my ex-girlfriend bought when she lived with me. It was still in date, so I changed my mind, and decided to try it.

I sampled 3 of the 20 wings with this supposed hot-wing-related dressing, and figured that even if it sucked, I would still have 17 hot wings to eat for supper, after I finished drinking my beer for the day, of course. Well, as it turned out, the Ranch Dressing was totally excellent and went very well with hot wings! In fact, it adds a good deal of flavor and almost balances out the hotness, which I quickly remedied with additional hot sauce. To make it short, if you ever run into some chicken wings that are a bit too hot (not a common problem with me) or if you'd just like to add more flavor, you should try dipping your hot wings into some Ranch Dressing and give it a try.

This post might seem a little silly or uninformative or non-entertaining, but seriously, I think the moral of the story here is: Sometimes you just need to take a chance or try something different, as you never really know for sure until you experience it. And we're talking about food here, but that same philosophy can also apply to a lot of things in life.

An additional tidbit: By using this particular type of dressing/dip, you can easily eat chicken wings that are hotter than you'd normally like them to be. This is good, if you can stomach it, because there are a lot of health benefits when it comes to spicy foods and hot peppers. In fact, I once wrote a blog post entitled "Hot Pepper Craze - Health Benefits & Info," so give it a quick read, if interested. I don't know about you, but the image below makes me hungry... Cheers!

---End of Post "I finally tried Ranch Dressing with Hot Wings..."

Looking for something to kick & punch?

Well folks, I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving and dodged the Black Friday madness this year. I never understood why people would rush out and do their Christmas shopping right after Thanksgiving amid crazy hordes of bargain shoppers, just to save a few bucks. To me, it just isn't worth it. People will kick, punch, pull, grope, bite, scream, and much more, just to get what they want. This year, Black Friday sales started even earlier at a lot of places, as one could have almost called it Black Thursday because of such hastened sales of seasonal frugality.

If one was looking for a pathetic form of entertainment, you could do some 'video searches' online for "Black Friday Fights" and other similar terms, to find the insane videos you may be yearning for. Below, I'll post a quick video that displays the crowds and/or throngs that commonly appear at these madhouses. I'm sure there were also some kicking, punching, and who knows what, going on in that store somewhere. Ha-ha!

Anyway, that was just a sample clip showing just how insanely stupid these sales have gotten. You should work in one of those retail spots that host post-Thanksgiving chaos like that; fun, fun! Hell, I know people that go to those places during the blitz sale, just for the entertainment and don't really buy very much. ...Talk about people who perhaps may need to get out more or, better yet, get a freakin' life!

Anyway, after seeing and hearing about this year's Christmas shopping hurricane of asininity, it reminded me of how there may be a lot of people out there who may be looking for something non-human (since ya can get in trouble if it's human these days) to kick & punch. So, I reflected back to earlier this year when I wrote about such things on a health blog of mine. I'll provide a couple sample images and links below, in case you're interested...

Visit: "Picking out the right Heavy bag / Speed bag Stand"

Visit: "The 'Body Opponent' Heavy Bag"

I think that if a person has the room to store these heavy bags, body stands, etc., along with the money to afford these things, and if you're either into physical fitness, boxing, karate or simply find yourself frustrated a lot and constantly looking for something to beat on, this may be the perfect gift for you this year. To hell with Black Friday deals and seasonal bargains, just go buy yourself one of those 'Kick & Punch' Stands/Bags, and you can shop calmer this year, after releasing the fury upon those lovely non-human targets.

Personally, I've had a Heavy bag / Speed bag stand combo, and it was decent for basic punching, but unless you get one big enough and have it weighted down, the stand will often move around a lot. I didn't really use it much for kicks, though. Also, make sure you have strong enough floors and ceilings, etc. What I'm more interested in, is that damn Body Opponent Heavy Bag. I may buy one of those in the future; it is compact and resembles a human, which makes it even more fun to kick & punch, if ya know what I mean.
Anyway, happy holidays... Ha-ha!

---End of Post "Looking for something to kick & punch?"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: 10 Crazy Theories about our Existence...

Actually, the video was entitled "10 Mad Scientific Theories," but I thought that was a little vague, considering the subject matter. When it comes to theories about our existence, the universe, etc., usually one theory from the next seems about equally crazy to me, because the entire cosmos of creation is chaos, if ya think about it. It's a galactic madhouse out there, if you will... Ha-ha!

Anyway, this is a short post with the sole intention of sharing a little not-so-mundane 2:26 minute video that I stumbled upon this morning. They should have slowed it down a bit and been more elaborate from one theory to the next, but whatever, I guess they were in a hurry. I'm going to list the 10 crazy and/or "mad scientific" theories about our existence, that was mentioned on that short flick; feel free to look them up individually, on the web, if desired...

The 10 Theories were: 1) The Doughnut Shaped Universe, 2) Anti-Matter Galaxies, 3) Panspermia Theory, 4) The Ekpyrotic Model, 5) Many Worlds Theory, 6) The Simulation Hypothesis, 7) The Zoo Hypothesis, 8) The Quantum Zeno Effect & The End of the Universe, 9) Black Holes are Gateways to other Universes, 10) The Holographic Principle

Okay, check out the video below:

Out of those 10 theories, I think the "Panspermia Theory" and "Black Holes are Gateways to other Universes," are the two most plausible. Well, if they meant 'wormholes' instead of black holes, that is... The Holographic Principle has been worn out, in my opinion, by a bunch of failed mystics (also known as lunatics) - but anything is possibile when it comes to the reasons for our existence, I suppose. However, I have thought of some of the others myself due to mere imagination, along with other crazy theories that wasn't listed in the video. The possibilities are endless; what else is there to say?

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"The Ultimate Queries - Creation Theories"

---End of Post "Video: 10 Crazy Theories about our Existence..."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hot 'Weather Girls' - Sexy Meteorologists

Well, the region I reside in has been fairly cold lately. I have to check the weather channels somewhat regularly because with the weather we have had lately, it might be hot one day and cool the next. Anyway, I don't know how or why I came across this subject, but it would be nice, as horny as this sounds, if there were more sexy meteorologists out there. For many of us, seeing the weather forecast would be more interesting to say the least, and some of those hot 'weather girls' could perhaps make us feel warmer on those frigid days when we are dreading the bad news about more freezing temperatures on the way. Ha! Maybe, maybe not, but it was worth an online search, regardless...

It was actually fairly hard to find many images related to this, although I did run across a few sites that seemed to be all in favor of this notion. In a moment, I'm going to post a few sexy images of some hot female meteorologists (I'm not sure, but two or three of them may be the same person - ha-ha!). Some of these girls may have been models in the past and decided to just hang it up and get into meteorology. Nah, I doubt if that's the case. If it were true, I'd say that it would be the other way around in order, since one would require schooling and the other (modelling) just takes raw physical assets and a nice smile.

Anyway, if you're not happy with the images below, you can always do an 'image search' online for "Hot Weather Girls" or some other related search terms...and see what ya find! Some of these images are poor quality, but it was slim pickings, so I got what I could find at the moment. I did notice that Mexico seems to have an abundance of provocative looking meteorologists, but I tried to find girls from different areas.

---Side Note: I can't give image credits to these pics, since a lot of the same images were on multiple websites; plus, it looks like screenshots anyway; hence forth the lower grade of quality.

Images of alluring weather girls, below:

Well, I hope you enjoyed your ~ weather forecast ~ for today.

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---End of Post "Hot 'Weather Girls' - Sexy Meteorologists"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Financial Responsibility Ticket? Pay the fines and get car insurance...

A while back, I got stopped at one of those lovely money-making road blocks hosted by State Troopers and local police...and I had no proof of car insurance, vehicular financial responsibility, road kill protection, whatever ya want to call it. I got my ticket and it was not one that you could pay by mail either, and had to appear in court a couple months from the date of my pull-over, and show proof of insurance to the holy judge, blah, blah...

I've been stopped a few times over the last several months (obviously my city must be conducting some sort of fund raiser and whatnot, as many people would refer to that as being "fundraising whores" or however you want to label it), and I've always just been told (after I got my petty citations of money-grubbing bliss) by other city cops that I need to make sure and get some car insurance - after they find out that I don't have it, of course. I realize, nowadays, it is State Law, and I've always had vehicular insurance before, but the last couple of years (okay, 3 or 4 years) I let my policy slip by, was a little short for cash, and simply drove without it for a few reasons. For one, during the majority of that time, I was riding with my live-in girlfriend to work, as we both worked at the same place. Well, when we split up, I would still drive to work with no car insurance, but mainly because I live in a small town with little traffic and I also work the night-shift, which makes a big difference when it comes to the odds of getting in traffic accidents. Basically, less cars on the road equals less idiot drivers, uh, you do the math...

Anyway, to top it off, after work, I would run most of my errands early in the day, so there really was not that many high-risk situations going on in my path of travel, and figured I'd save the money and get car insurance later on. Well, going back to my day of getting a ticket... I still waited another month before I got car insurance, and I had two months before I'd have to appear in court, so what did I care? Unlike what my State did in the past, when they used to drop the charges if you could show proof of insurance by the time of your court date, I already heard beforehand that the rules have changed, so why not save another month's worth of insurance, since I already know I'm screwed anyway? So, I waited until about a month before my court date to get insurance, and sure enough, it was a good thing because I got fined over 200 dollars whether or not I got it any earlier than that, albeit I have heard that if you can somehow get car insurance on the day of your ticket, that they may drop the charges in court. Either way, I didn't have a chance, since I got pulled over late at night. I mean really, what was I gonna do? Not go to work and run home and get online before midnight struck, just to get car insurance in hopes that they would drop my financial responsibility charge? Ha-ha!

I'm not promoting driving with no insurance, as it is definitely a wise thing to have, but I'm just saying that I believe it is my own gamble and choice that should be left up to me... Why should it be law to owe for something that you hope to never use? Car insurance usually boils down to three things: the vehicle itself and/or the vehicles involved in the accident, personal injury and/or bodily harm to the people involved, and property damage.
Sure, if I had a nice car, a new vehicle, etc., then I would be stupid to not have full-coverage insurance on it. ...But what if I'm driving some old car or truck, and really just don't give a shit if somebody hits it? If the other person cares about their ride, then it is their fault if they don't have insurance, not mine because I don't!
If we're talking about bodily harm, then what about health insurance? I have health insurance; is it my fault that you don't? If I do something stupid and injure a bunch of other people while driving, I'm going to have other problems, get sued, etc. Which is just another reason why I didn't haul a bunch of passengers around when I had no insurance, for example.
I really don't know the rules on property damage when it is caused by a moving vehicle, but my god! What do you plan on doing, running through a barn with your truck or to drive your car through a shopping mall? Property damage will most likely be the least of your concerns then, as life insurance and whether or not you have immediate medical care, may be higher up on the list if you get into those types of accidents and/or in that particular case of vehicular madness.

With all that being said, if ya get pulled over and get charged with a good ol' financial responsibility ticket, go get car insurance and show up to court with your proof of insurance from your desired company of choice - to silence the case of loosing your license to drive - and pay your damn fines and get it over with. Nobody really cares once you go into places like that; just nod at the judge, admit you are guilty, pay the money and go on with your life while hoping you never have to set foot in such corrupt, fund-collecting places like that again.

Speaking of other baloney tickets, why is there a "seat belt law?" I mean really, if I don't want to wear a seat belt, I shouldn't have to; it is my life. I can understand a child seat belt law, but I'm talking about adults here. WTF? Yeah, yeah... Just more evidence that the world has found a way to monetize almost everything possible. However, I'm still waiting on them to charge us for the air we breathe by setting up some sort of a "air quality meter" in the cities, and charge different rates based on the pollution and overall quality of the air. Of course, the better the air that surrounds your area, would of course mean a higher fee. Hey, if ya don't like it, go move to a polluted area where the air is free. Ahh, surely that will never happen... Ha-ha! Ha?

When thinking of traffic laws, why don't they better enforce a "no cell phone while driving law" that could actually save lives, instead of some of these other senseless money-making traffic laws that do nothing but cost people money!

Well, this post is getting rather long. Now that we got the "financial responsibility ticket = pay the fines and get car insurance..." out of the way, who do you choose for car insurance now?

This is not a promotional post, but I did get several quotes online and I will provide a link to what I found to be the best rate for me, as I only had to get liability on two old vehicles to meet the requirements of my beloved State Law.

At any responsible rate of monetary insanity, worked the best for me; check 'em out, if you're in the same boat as me, looking for fast car insurance quotes, was forced to get vehicular insurance by the law, and was short for time and money. Be safe on the road, now... It's expensive out there, ya know... Cheers!

Cow Abductions via Aliens & UFOs...

Oops... Here I go again, with another blog post that isn't so mundane. But seriously, at least for today, I didn't mean to stumble across the age-old mystery of aliens, UFOs, and abductions, as this subject is becoming slightly jaded due to everybody and their grandma talking about the "ancient astronaut theories" involving flying saucers and those cool grey people that buzz around in their UFOs. In fact, I was thinking about those highly advanced space monkeys when I was a little kid, and never doubted that this place had been visited by aliens from outer space, many times. I guess it took a couple more decades of speculation and science fiction shows along with the addition of the History Channel and its Ancient Alien series, for the majority of the people to finally catch up to the notion. Ha-ha!

Anyway, the reason why I'm doing this short post, is because I recently ran across a funny looking image I found while surfing the Internet. It was a picture of a cute little UFO sucking up some poor innocent, fat cow. Oh man, the ideas and captions that came to me after viewing that image, seemed almost unlimited. I was going to use a picture editor and have some fun with it, but instead, I ended up searching online for "cow abductions." Yeah, how productive is that?

During my hastened search for the truth about our ancient alien hamburgers, I found an interesting video. Hoax or not, it was worth a view. I'll provide that in a moment...
But first, the 'Cow Abductions via UFOs' image:

Another reason I find this cow abduction image funny, is that it reminds me of a guy I work with. ...I know this "very large" individual at my place of work who is not only lazy, but he often just sort of stands in one place and looks up toward the sky, as if he is waiting for a big cheeseburger to fall from the heavens. Well, when I seen that particular picture, I couldn't help but think, "they're working on it." Ha-ha!

Now, if you want more than a fictitious image that was used merely for entertainment purposes, and would like to read more about this debatable, semi-interesting subject, go here: "The Ox-Files: 'Mass cow sacrifices by aliens' sent White House into panic, FBI records reveal."

Cows have been related to UFOs for years and years. I suppose the aliens are supposedly "testing" again, but why a cow? I don't know, I like rib-eye steaks and other types of cow meat as well, and if you'd like to know how I marinate my beef steaks, go here: "Worcestershire Sauce & Italian Dressing." Ha! But seriously, some of these people report that their cows return back from the alien abductions, all mutilated with parts missing... And sometimes, the cows have been drained of all their blood and the organ meat is, at times, turned into the consistency of peanut butter, as if it has been affected by radiation and whatnot.

Hell, I don't know what to believe when it comes to this subject, but either way, something is happening to these cows. I'm just glad that the stories about aliens and their anal probes has slowed down a bit. Speaking of that, what is it with anal probing anyway? Is that an alien's way of insulting the humans, as if they are looking for our brain and seem to find more intelligence from the rectum? LOL! Dang, I hope not!

Oh, here's the 'UFO - Cow Abduction' Video, below:

Draw your own conclusions...

---End of Post "Cow Abductions via Aliens & UFOs..."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mayan Secrets + Ancient Aliens = Filmmakers Dream

The filmmakers behind "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," who said that their film will reveal evidence of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, have now released to "TheWrap" what they claim is photographic evidence of a pre-Mayan, alien civilization. Read more about this film marketing subject, here: [link is no longer active]

I'm all about this otherworldly stuff that isn't so mundane, but seriously, this 2012 doomsday hype has got a little ridiculous. Hell, I've even heard about how some people are quitting their jobs and plan on only needing enough food and resources to last until Dec. 21, 2012, while during the meantime they are just sitting around and waiting for the end (and I assume praying regularly). Wasn't some people claiming the world was going to end in May of 2011?
We have loads of garbage to read that is related to pseudoscience and prophetic horse shit online, all screaming "the end is near; the end is near," just like they did at the brink of year 2000 and as they have all throughout the timetables of our existence, for that matter.
...But besides me going into a mini-rant about human gullibility, I'm just going to provide a blog post with several links and subjects that semi-relate to Mayan secrets, ancient aliens, and some of the baloney that comes with these interesting subjects.

Oh, speaking about a filmmakers dream, just think how much money is going to be made off of this subject during 2012. There has already been loads of money made, and I'm surprised there hasn't been even more films produced, but next year it should spike tremendously. They won't market it solely via film production either, as there will be t-shirts, products, survival kits, etc., all being sold under this theme of doom and destruction. Personally, I'm keeping a stockpile of alcohol and ammunition, just in case. Ha!
Oh, that reminds me, it is time for another link (excuse the humorous title):
"Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by Mexican Government in '2012' Doc" [link is no longer valid] Ha-ha! I don't know why I think that last headline sounds so funny, but it just does to me... I mean, why wait until 2012? These ancient Mayan secrets are just now going to be revealed? WTF? LOL!

Anyway, here is a video link that provides a scientific reality check for the failed mystics out there who are still waiting on Planet X to arrive with hordes of violent space monkeys: "NASA Response to Crazy 2012 Claims" [link is no longer valid]

Don't get me wrong, I believe that there are more advanced civilizations out there in the cosmos that would make man look inferior, such as aliens zipping around in UFOs, etc., and they most likely had a lot of play down here during ancient times and that they may drop down more often again in the future, but who knows when?
...But when you try to fuse various types of religions with Mayan secrets, prophetic predictions, ancient astronaut theorists, myths, legends, and folklore, Nostradamus and his quatrains, Edgar Cayce and his psychic answers to questions while in a hypnotic state, and so on, you'll end up with a lot of confusion. Yeah, talk about a dream and golden opportunity for writers and filmmakers! Ha!

This reminds me... A lot of mystics and doomsday seekers keep talking about this mystery planet that is suppose to enter our orbit and cause cataclysmic doom to our planet on Dec. 21, 2012 or thereabouts. Many call it the "Nibiru collision" or whatever. You often here the planet called "Nibiru" or "Planet X," but I find it interesting that NASA doesn't even know what in the hell these mystic lunatics are talking about. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I'm about to post an excerpt from Wikipedia about this Planet X topic, that I really liked:

"The impact of the public fear of the Nibiru collision has been especially felt by professional astronomers. Mike Brown now says that Nibiru is the most common pseudoscientific topic he is asked about.
David Morrison, director of SETI, CSI Fellow and Senior Scientist at NASA's Astrobiology Institute at Ames Research Center, says he receives 20 to 25 emails a week about the impending arrival of Nibiru: some frightened, others angry and naming him as part of the conspiracy to keep the truth of the impending apocalypse from the public, and still others asking whether or not they should kill themselves, their children or their pets.
Half of these emails are from outside the U.S.
"Planetary scientists are being driven to distraction by Nibiru," notes science writer Govert Schilling, "And it is not surprising; you devote so much time, energy and creativity to fascinating scientific research, and find yourself on the tracks of the most amazing and interesting things, and all the public at large is concerned about is some crackpot theory about clay tablets, god-astronauts and a planet that doesn't exist." Morrison states that he hopes that the non-arrival of Nibiru could serve as a teaching moment for the public, instructing them on "rational thought and baloney detection," but doubts that will happen."

Anyway, mankind could use a good lesson on rational thought and baloney detection, as I wholeheartedly agree.
Well, I'm about to wrap this blog post up... I was going to get more into the Mayan secrets, but I just realized that they are secret, so what in the hell do I know? Ha-ha!
However, if you're still interested in ancient astronauts (Does everything always have to be ancient?), I'll provide you with a link to a creative little story called "The Alien Visitor..."

---End of Post "Mayan Secrets + Ancient Aliens = Filmmakers Dream"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to make Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skins

If you're not health-conscious and/or you're looking to splurge with a nice, tasty, high-calorie snack, Bacon & Cheddar Potato Skins may be exactly what you're seeking.
I'm not talking about the potato chip version or the kind you find in the frozen food section @ your local market:

I'm talking about the kind you make at home, one step at a time.
They're fairly easy to make, and since you'll be learning how to make them on your own, you can experiment with different ways to cook 'em after you learn the basics. Plus, potato skins don't have to be stuffed with bacon & cheddar either, but I'm choosing this recipe because it is one of the more tasty versions of potato skins, in my opinion of course...

You'll need a few medium sized potatoes (depends on how many skins ya wanna make), a small bag of shredded cheddar cheese, several slices of cooked bacon (chopped) or you can substitute the bacon with store-bought bacon bits if desired, a small amount of stick butter, seasoned salt or regular table salt, black pepper, and whatever else you may want to add to this scrumptious snack.
First, bake your pre-washed whole potatoes in the oven after you have stabbed a few holes in them with a fork, at about 400 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes - depending on how many potatoes you use. You can always save a lot of time and simply microwave the potatoes - just remember to stab holes in them so they can vent while cooking.
During this time, it would be a good idea to go ahead and cook your bacon. After your bacon is done, get a knife and chop the slices into fine pieces or crumble it by hand; it doesn't matter either way.
Take the potatoes out of the oven when they are done; let them cool for a bit. Slice each potato in half lengthwise and then spoon or fork out each potato half in the center and around the edges while leaving some potato, as if you're carving a bowl or whatever.

At this point, it should look something like this:
Now, go ahead and cut your broiler on high (if you use the lower heating element in the oven during this step, it will take longer). Add the butter to the inside and outside of your potato skins; salt & pepper to taste (I prefer seasoned salt over the regular). Put them on the top rack in the oven for about 8 minutes. Take them out, add the cheddar cheese and chopped bacon, then put them back under the broiler for another 3 or 4 minutes or until the cheese is melted.
It should now look sort of like this:

As you can see, it is not that hard to make. You may want to experiment with other types of toppings, ingredients, etc., after you make these a few times. I've heard that some people actually freeze the potato skins if they have too many leftovers, and reheat them later on. Personally, I don't think I'll have any problems with leftovers. Ha-ha!

If you'd rather watch a video that pertains to "how to make bacon & cheddar potato skins," look below:

[Video is no longer available]

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What is up with the crazy Pentecostal Churches?

I'm not about to start some "holy war" here, nor do I really get off on talking about religion or churches for that matter, but what in the hell is up with those crazy Pentecostal places of worship? To me, it seems that those particular churches often attract insanity and people who are mentally ill, and it gives them the freedom to run amok in a room, jerk, twitch, convulse and yell, with other like-minded kooks.

If you're not aware, Pentecostal churches harbor what is often called "Charismatic Christians" among other labelled individuals who claim to feel the holy spirit or holy ghost in such a way that they can "speak in tongues" and also vibrate, twitch, drop to the floor and flex through a series of convulsions while looking more like they need to be loaded up in an ambulance somewhere and treated for mental problems and central nervous disorders.

---Side note: If you have ghost stories that doesn't relate to the holy spirit, please share them here:

Oh, yes, I said "speaking in tongues." That is where you speak in an unintelligible manner, supposedly some universal divine language that only certain people can understand (ha-ha!). It can go something like this, for example: "Oh sama kaba chaku buku boogy boggy. Jaba jaba dada goo goo. Oh ma ta baja baja." Ha-ha-ha! Yeah, it sounds like senseless baby talk, if ya ask me!
Hell, I can raise my hands in the air and chant "maza taku shaku baja" over and over while twitching and jerking, and could put on a good show if I had to, but there would be nothing divine about it. I suppose one could call that crazy display whatever they want, but I would just feel like some mentally challenged person wanting attention, if I did decide to perform such things. LOL!

Anyway, these particular churches often mimic a madhouse with all the shouting, screaming, yelling, running, jumping, and people getting pushed down to the floor and/or falling to the ground pretending to go into violent fits and seizures and whatnot. In fact, there is a small amount of Pentecostal churches that handle snakes.
A quote from Wikipedia about snake handling & Pentecostal Churches:
"Some of the leaders in these churches have been bitten numerous times, as indicated by their distorted extremities. Hensley himself, the founder of modern snake handling in the Appalachian Mountains, died from a fatal snakebite in 1955. In 1998, snake-handling evangelist John Wayne "Punkin" Brown died after being bitten by a timber rattler at the Rock House Holiness Church in rural northeastern Alabama. Members of his family contend that his death was probably due to a heart attack. However, his wife had died three years prior to that - after being bitten while in Kentucky. Another snake handler died in 2006 at a church in Kentucky."

Pentecostal Insanity & Crazy Snake HandlersI'm not into organized religions, as I usually keep my crazy beliefs and ideas to myself, but this particular denomination of Christianity is a bit extreme, in my opinion. Many other sects of Christianity actually seem to detest the Pentecostals, and I can see why they would get riled up with their bizarre practices. I mean, WTF? They just changed the doctrine to suit them, a little over a hundred years ago, and started this "Pentecostal movement."
I don't even like the way that sounds, "the movement" or some of them call it a "revolution." This particular denomination sounds more and more like a cult - the more I learn about it. Oh, don't get me wrong, they aren't the only ones that sound like a thriving cult, but like I said earlier, I'm not starting some silly-ass holy war on this blog.
Also, I realize that not all churches are the same and there may be some Pentecostal places of worship that are at least semi-normal. Many of you may be very happy to be apart of this denomination and they may actually be good for your well-being. I'm only speaking about some of the more hardcore ones that I've heard about and/or talked to people who have been that had bad experiences, etc.

I've heard many times that a lunatic is oftentimes just a "failed mystic." Just think when some of these people become ex-Pentecostals? Yep, the psychologists are going to be busy with the ones who ended up having bad experiences with this cult, sect, denomination, religion or whatever you want to call it. I've read about how many people suffer from "Post Traumatic Stress" after turning from this type of holy practice. The way I look at it, is that some people just have to find out the hard way. If you think you're doing what is right, then go for it - whatever it may be - but never try to shove your beliefs and bizarre rituals down other people's throat.

Now, for a couple related resource links to derail you from this blog post...

* Pentecostalism & Insanity:
* Pentecostalism from a child's point of view: [Link is no longer valid]

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---End of Post "What is up with the crazy Pentecostal Churches?"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guy claims to alter cloud formations using Power of Thor - Ha-ha!

I don't usually have a lot of free time to simply browse through the world wide web in an aimless fashion, but when I do, I typically run across a lot of asinine, ridiculous, fictitious baloney!

This short post will be about cloud formations, and some guy's claim to use "psychic" telekinesis and the "Power of Thor" to alter the size and shape of clouds (making small clouds disappear or small ones get bigger, etc.), ha-ha!

This crap is funny, stupid, disgusting, and semi-entertaining all at the same time. However, I'm not going to post a link to this guy's website or provide YouTube videos of him chanting "cloud disappear, cloud evaporate, by the power of go away," over and over again until the wind dissipates some tiny, far-away cloud over a course of a few minutes. If you're interested in watching these videos, just type "make clouds disappear using telekinesis" into the search engine of your choice or use a video search with similar terms, etc., and I'm sure you'll find 'em. Damn, where was Zeus when you needed him... Ha!

I also find it amusing how these "cloud magic" videos that are supposedly altering the clouds via some rare form of telekinesis, are being video taped during windy days, but I'll get to that in a moment.

This Mundane Blog isn't generally about myths, folklore or legends for that matter, but who is this Thor character, you may ask...

By the Power of Thor, I command thee...In Norse mythology, largely recorded in Iceland from traditional material stemming from Scandinavia, numerous tales and information about Thor are provided. Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing, and fertility.
A Scandinavian folk belief that lightning frightens away trolls and ettins appears in numerous Scandinavian folktales, and may be a late reflection of Thor's role in fighting such beings. In connection, the lack of trolls and ettins in modern Scandinavia is explained as a result of the "accuracy and efficiency of the lightning strokes." Read more, here:

Anyway, once again, since I refuse to fill this blog with links and videos that relate to horse shit, I decided to post a cool, calming cloud video that isn't claiming to be a work of magic, psychic phenomenon, telekinesis or psychokinesis, etc. This video gives the credit to the wind instead of magic, and the music goes great with these dancing clouds.
You can find this particular video, below:

[Video is no longer available]
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---End of Post "Guy claims to alter cloud formations using Power of Thor - Ha-ha!"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Air Quality is Better with Less Insulation : Your House Needs to Breathe

Many folks go out and spend a lot of money insulating their house like it is a penguin trying to survive an arctic climate, but if you find that you or your family is staying sick a lot, it may be due to the poor air quality in your home.

Indoor air pollution seems to be a more common problem than outdoor pollution for many households, believe it or not. If you think about it, especially if you always have a lot of people and pets in the house, you are basically trapping a lot of allergens and pollutants inside your home (including radon gas), and even more so if it has too much insulation and can't breathe very well.

Sure, a house with an abundance of insulation will save you on utility bills, gas, electric, etc., but it's not worth it if the air quality is bad and you're having frequent medical bills due to sick kids and whatnot. Something tells me that the medical bills will be slightly higher than an inflated electric bill, if ya know what I mean. However, many homes don't have the "my house can't breathe" problem, but there are still many other things they can do to improve the air quality. But if you're thinking about filling every single crack and air leak along with sealing around the doors and windows, you may want to think twice.

It is good to have a well-insulated house, in most cases, but some people simply overdo it.
I once heard a story about some guy who had this big project that was geared to saving money on his utility bills in the long run. He spent several hundreds of dollars getting his house extra insulated and had nearly every possible air leak sealed. Well, a few weeks later he noticed that everybody in the house constantly stayed sick or had some type of respiratory problem going on, chest congestion, etc. After a while, he finally figured out that his house couldn't breathe, then he had to spend several more hundreds of dollars to undo all that insulation work that he originally did. Damn, talk about a poor choice of investment - all trying to cut utility costs.

Speaking of that, one the best ways to cut utility costs, is to "tough it out." By that, I mean keep your house a little cool in the winter and a little warm in the summer. Use stuff like tower fans during the summer, ceiling fans throughout the year, or wear more clothes during the winter. Yeah, simple things like that. If you start bitching about how "it is too cold" or "it is too hot," and you're having trouble paying your bills, just think about how people lived during the log cabin days. Yeah, that should make you feel at least somewhat better. Plus, they didn't have cable TV or Internet back then, either. Ha-ha!

As for simple solutions to improve air quality that doesn't relate to less insulation: Vacuum the floors more often, use a few air purifiers throughout your home, throw the pets outside or keep the indoor pet population to a bare minimum, don't smoke cigarettes and/or tobacco inside the house, dust occasionally (I rarely do that), clean the mold & mildew as it becomes visible or sooner if possible (this stuff happens mainly in the bathroom), don't solely rely on ventless gas fireplaces or stoves, throw your kids outside (Ha-ha! Just kidding about the kids), and open up the windows or doors when the temperature outside is not too cold or too hot, etc., et cetera, yada, yada, blah, blah...

Well, I'm not going to talk about this 'common sense' subject all day, so if you'd like to read more about this mundane, house-related problem, here's a couple links below:

* Your House Might Be Making You Sick [Link is no longer valid]
* Air Articles - Indoor Pollution [Link is no longer valid]

If you're interested in buying some air purifiers online, which is especially helpful for removing second-hand smoke and pet dander, go here: "Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers"

---End of Post "Air Quality is Better with Less Insulation : Your House Needs to Breathe"

Bikini & Lingerie Internet Model - Denise Milani

If you're looking for some sexy wallpapers, calendars, images, etc., featuring a busty bikini & lingerie model, then look no further than Denise Milani.
She is all over the Internet and is probably one of the most famous models today, at least when it comes to Internet image searches and so on...

I'm not going to waste a lot of time talking about her enormous bra size, as the images provided within this post should make that aspect, uh, very apparent.
Denise Milani is a Czech glamour model and was born on April 26, 1976. She was also a sports model and has travelled throughout the U.S. giving interviews, etc., all while showing off those obvious assets of hers, of course.
Denise has an official website @, and if you're really obsessed with her and have a few extra bucks, you can join her site (at the moment anyway) to get access to a lot of hot content from this successful glamour model with big bouncy boobies. Her website was down for several months, but I believe it is back up and running now.

If you'd like to read a bit more about her, along with additional external links that relate to this blissful babe, go here:

I'll provide a few seductive images below, of this Bikini & Lingerie Model / Internet Sensation:

As you can see, she definitely "has what it takes" to be a model of any sorts. I've also seen some of her videos, and she seems to also have a bubbly, friendly, easy-going, lets-party type of personality to go with that awesome cleavage of hers. Ahh, I suppose they go hand in hand, as they say... Ha-ha!

If you'd like to see more sexy images of Denise Milani, here's a rather large gallery page of her, located here:

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Common Sources of Radiation

I've just read a few articles about everyday sources of radiation. Even though they were all quite common and most of them considered harmless, a couple of them surprised me.
Before I say anymore, I'll give a couple links below:

"9 Everyday Sources of Radiation - Should we be worried?" @

& "10 Everyday Sources of Radiation" @

I read about a lot of common gadgets and devices that emit radiation. Things like: televisions, microwaves, cell phones, fluorescent lamps, watches, clocks, computers, smoke detectors, etc., and even ceramics and glass emit some form of radiation, but at low enough rates that they don't have a known effect on your health. However, even though these things emit small amounts of radiation, I'm sure it all adds up each year.

Some of the least suspecting sources, at least to me, was: Natural Gas, cigarettes and/or tobacco that you smoke. They say that sticky tobacco leaves absorb a fair amount of radiation found in nature or something like that, and I just really didn't know or think about natural gas emitting small amounts of radiation. WTF?
A few other common sources of radiation that I simply forgot about, was: drinking water, plane travel (I don't fly anyway), and the soil. I knew that radon gas comes from the soil, but I wasn't thinking about the soil being radioactive in itself. I'm sure that it depends on where you live, much like the radiation levels in drinking water from deep wells would be lower in less polluted areas, most likely. However, not everybody lives next to a nuclear power plant but, either way, drinking water often picks up tiny amounts of radiation anyway - from rocks and soil, etc., since the Earth, uh, contains radiation.

By what I can see, and this comes to no surprise, the medical imaging techniques, x-rays, etc., is one of the biggest sources of man-made radiation that you are most likely to get subjected to in high amounts. The majority of your everyday exposure to radiation comes from the Earth itself and from outer space - including our sun, although the atmosphere blocks most of it. Just think if we were like Planet Tatooine and had two suns! Anyway, that's another reason why flying in a plane or living in high-altitude areas will expose you to higher levels of radiation, since you are technically closer to outer space.

All I can say, is that you can't worry about everything. Some things, like some people, are just unavoidable and are as annoying as a stain that you can't remove. The way I look at it, the entire universe is radioactive evidently, including us, it is just that our bodies don't generally need to be bombarded by it. Of course, when many people are fighting things like Cancer, that may be their only hope of survival - at least for now. I hope the day comes when the medical field is advanced enough to cure cancer without radiation... At any radioactive rate, radiation can save you, kill you, or have very little impact whatsoever, but it is all around, regardless.

Just try to use some common sense, like: don't try to stick your head in the microwave when it is still on (Is that even possible? Ha!), try to not develop tanning bed addictions, don't run to the doctor every week and demand that you be given x-rays just for the sake of "getting checked out"- even though you have no symptoms of illness, etc. Blah-blah...

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