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Monday, December 12, 2011

Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Sucks!

I'm one of those folks that are usually one of the last to update their IE browser, and with many good reasons. I like to wait several months or longer, just to give Microsoft some time to fix most of their errors, work out the kinks, correct the glitches, create patches, etc. Why I have to wait on such things from a company that shouldn't have these problems to begin with, still amazes me today.

Anyway, I gave in the other day and figured that I have waited long enough, and frankly I was tired of seeing the "Download Internet Explorer 9 Today" campaign. After downloading this supposed super-safe, super-fast IE version of a browser, let me tell ya, I sure made a mistake!

It was by far the worst browser I have had in a very long time, if not the absolute worst ever! In simple terms, "it sucks!" For one, it was a lot slower. It seemed to be more invasive like it was busy recording all of your movements and websites that you visited. Some websites just flat-out wouldn't work. For the ones who have adverts on their sites, it even screwed up some of those, as well. Several videos on certain websites wouldn't play anymore, and to top it off, it wouldn't even let me publish blog posts on or allow me to edit my posts on one of my paid domains! WTF?

Anyway, I had a backup browser just for these special fun-filled moments provided by Microsoft, and that was the Firefox browser. Firefox has always been reliable thus far. ...But get this: I updated Firefox and now it is starting to suck as well! It keeps trying to record my last session! Who in the hell wants their web search history recorded on a shared computer or even on one that isn't shared? So now, I have to open a blank tab every time before I exit, so it won't record the last page I visited, but that's another topic, as we are talking about IE right now.

Okay, well, a person may ask: Why do you still use Internet Explorer 8, 9 or whatever? For starters, I quickly uninstalled IE 9 and am now back to using IE 8 (which isn't that bad). Secondly, the ONLY reason I still use Internet Explorer is because I have a few websites and blogs that I work on. I like to see how it functions and looks through the more popular browser, although more and more people are switching over to Firefox, Google's Chrome browser, etc.

Anyway, I don't solely use Internet Explorer, but that's the main reason I keep it. However, if they keep upgrading to junk like IE 9, I'll do away with it completely and never look back.

I'm hearing a lot of good things about Google's Chrome browser, and I may start using them more often or switch completely over. That particular browser suppose to run applications and websites with lightning speed. You can download it or read more about it, here:

---End of Post "Internet Explorer (IE) 9 Sucks!"

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