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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Are social networks hurting the online dating business?

Before I go any further, I must say that the title used for this particular blog post is more or less just a string of words in the form of a question, used to make this subject sound more interesting than what it really is. In reality, "Online Dating" sucks anyway, so who cares, right?

...But the question still remains: Are social networks (like FaceBook, MySpace, etc.) hurting the online dating business? In my humble opinion, I think they are, but I'd say that it's a good thing...

Personally, I try to stay away from social networks and online dating sites; both types of "Cyber Entertainment" are full of fake people, to say the very least! No matter if it's an Internet dating site or a common online social network, anybody can create a profile and pretend to have loads of friends and wonderful assets along with their feigning multitude of magnificent personal traits that are to be envied by the masses. Ha-ha! What a joke!
However, with all of these social networks forming amid the cyber-based community, I would say that the chances of connecting with potential mates, will be a little better on those sites as opposed to the typical match-making website found online.

With that little amount of verbiage being typed, this subject is almost closed. I'm not even going to bother typing about what I think of all the social networks out there. Hey, if it floats your cyber boat, then continue to sail through the world wide web waters; just don't come through my internet boat dock, please, because it contains detectors for online asininity - among other things, of course. Ha!
Anyway, the main reason for this post, is actually to provide a link to a page that I wrote several months ago on another website of mine, that humorously described online dating in a nutshell, and a big one at that (okay, it was quite an elaborate page, but well told nonetheless). The other reason for this stupid blog post, is to provide some funny images that depict Internet dating in full swing; enjoy...

First of all, if you're interested, visit the web page I wrote a while back about this topic:
"Looking for a date online? Cyber Dating sucks for many reasons..."

Funny & Realistic Images about Internet Dating:

Uh, yeah, speaking of Cyber Entertainment, maybe you should have just stuck with the simple forms that you get from web cams and/or pages like this:

---End of Post "Are social networks hurting the online dating business?"

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