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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guy claims to alter cloud formations using Power of Thor - Ha-ha!

I don't usually have a lot of free time to simply browse through the world wide web in an aimless fashion, but when I do, I typically run across a lot of asinine, ridiculous, fictitious baloney!

This short post will be about cloud formations, and some guy's claim to use "psychic" telekinesis and the "Power of Thor" to alter the size and shape of clouds (making small clouds disappear or small ones get bigger, etc.), ha-ha!

This crap is funny, stupid, disgusting, and semi-entertaining all at the same time. However, I'm not going to post a link to this guy's website or provide YouTube videos of him chanting "cloud disappear, cloud evaporate, by the power of go away," over and over again until the wind dissipates some tiny, far-away cloud over a course of a few minutes. If you're interested in watching these videos, just type "make clouds disappear using telekinesis" into the search engine of your choice or use a video search with similar terms, etc., and I'm sure you'll find 'em. Damn, where was Zeus when you needed him... Ha!

I also find it amusing how these "cloud magic" videos that are supposedly altering the clouds via some rare form of telekinesis, are being video taped during windy days, but I'll get to that in a moment.

This Mundane Blog isn't generally about myths, folklore or legends for that matter, but who is this Thor character, you may ask...

By the Power of Thor, I command thee...In Norse mythology, largely recorded in Iceland from traditional material stemming from Scandinavia, numerous tales and information about Thor are provided. Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing, and fertility.
A Scandinavian folk belief that lightning frightens away trolls and ettins appears in numerous Scandinavian folktales, and may be a late reflection of Thor's role in fighting such beings. In connection, the lack of trolls and ettins in modern Scandinavia is explained as a result of the "accuracy and efficiency of the lightning strokes." Read more, here:

Anyway, once again, since I refuse to fill this blog with links and videos that relate to horse shit, I decided to post a cool, calming cloud video that isn't claiming to be a work of magic, psychic phenomenon, telekinesis or psychokinesis, etc. This video gives the credit to the wind instead of magic, and the music goes great with these dancing clouds.
You can find this particular video, below:

[Video is no longer available]
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Air Quality is Better with Less Insulation : Your House Needs to Breathe

Many folks go out and spend a lot of money insulating their house like it is a penguin trying to survive an arctic climate, but if you find that you or your family is staying sick a lot, it may be due to the poor air quality in your home.

Indoor air pollution seems to be a more common problem than outdoor pollution for many households, believe it or not. If you think about it, especially if you always have a lot of people and pets in the house, you are basically trapping a lot of allergens and pollutants inside your home (including radon gas), and even more so if it has too much insulation and can't breathe very well.

Sure, a house with an abundance of insulation will save you on utility bills, gas, electric, etc., but it's not worth it if the air quality is bad and you're having frequent medical bills due to sick kids and whatnot. Something tells me that the medical bills will be slightly higher than an inflated electric bill, if ya know what I mean. However, many homes don't have the "my house can't breathe" problem, but there are still many other things they can do to improve the air quality. But if you're thinking about filling every single crack and air leak along with sealing around the doors and windows, you may want to think twice.

It is good to have a well-insulated house, in most cases, but some people simply overdo it.
I once heard a story about some guy who had this big project that was geared to saving money on his utility bills in the long run. He spent several hundreds of dollars getting his house extra insulated and had nearly every possible air leak sealed. Well, a few weeks later he noticed that everybody in the house constantly stayed sick or had some type of respiratory problem going on, chest congestion, etc. After a while, he finally figured out that his house couldn't breathe, then he had to spend several more hundreds of dollars to undo all that insulation work that he originally did. Damn, talk about a poor choice of investment - all trying to cut utility costs.

Speaking of that, one the best ways to cut utility costs, is to "tough it out." By that, I mean keep your house a little cool in the winter and a little warm in the summer. Use stuff like tower fans during the summer, ceiling fans throughout the year, or wear more clothes during the winter. Yeah, simple things like that. If you start bitching about how "it is too cold" or "it is too hot," and you're having trouble paying your bills, just think about how people lived during the log cabin days. Yeah, that should make you feel at least somewhat better. Plus, they didn't have cable TV or Internet back then, either. Ha-ha!

As for simple solutions to improve air quality that doesn't relate to less insulation: Vacuum the floors more often, use a few air purifiers throughout your home, throw the pets outside or keep the indoor pet population to a bare minimum, don't smoke cigarettes and/or tobacco inside the house, dust occasionally (I rarely do that), clean the mold & mildew as it becomes visible or sooner if possible (this stuff happens mainly in the bathroom), don't solely rely on ventless gas fireplaces or stoves, throw your kids outside (Ha-ha! Just kidding about the kids), and open up the windows or doors when the temperature outside is not too cold or too hot, etc., et cetera, yada, yada, blah, blah...

Well, I'm not going to talk about this 'common sense' subject all day, so if you'd like to read more about this mundane, house-related problem, here's a couple links below:

* Your House Might Be Making You Sick [Link is no longer valid]
* Air Articles - Indoor Pollution [Link is no longer valid]

If you're interested in buying some air purifiers online, which is especially helpful for removing second-hand smoke and pet dander, go here: "Second Hand Smoke vs. Air Purifiers"

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Bikini & Lingerie Internet Model - Denise Milani

If you're looking for some sexy wallpapers, calendars, images, etc., featuring a busty bikini & lingerie model, then look no further than Denise Milani.
She is all over the Internet and is probably one of the most famous models today, at least when it comes to Internet image searches and so on...

I'm not going to waste a lot of time talking about her enormous bra size, as the images provided within this post should make that aspect, uh, very apparent.
Denise Milani is a Czech glamour model and was born on April 26, 1976. She was also a sports model and has travelled throughout the U.S. giving interviews, etc., all while showing off those obvious assets of hers, of course.
Denise has an official website @, and if you're really obsessed with her and have a few extra bucks, you can join her site (at the moment anyway) to get access to a lot of hot content from this successful glamour model with big bouncy boobies. Her website was down for several months, but I believe it is back up and running now.

If you'd like to read a bit more about her, along with additional external links that relate to this blissful babe, go here:

I'll provide a few seductive images below, of this Bikini & Lingerie Model / Internet Sensation:

As you can see, she definitely "has what it takes" to be a model of any sorts. I've also seen some of her videos, and she seems to also have a bubbly, friendly, easy-going, lets-party type of personality to go with that awesome cleavage of hers. Ahh, I suppose they go hand in hand, as they say... Ha-ha!

If you'd like to see more sexy images of Denise Milani, here's a rather large gallery page of her, located here:

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Common Sources of Radiation

I've just read a few articles about everyday sources of radiation. Even though they were all quite common and most of them considered harmless, a couple of them surprised me.
Before I say anymore, I'll give a couple links below:

"9 Everyday Sources of Radiation - Should we be worried?" @

& "10 Everyday Sources of Radiation" @

I read about a lot of common gadgets and devices that emit radiation. Things like: televisions, microwaves, cell phones, fluorescent lamps, watches, clocks, computers, smoke detectors, etc., and even ceramics and glass emit some form of radiation, but at low enough rates that they don't have a known effect on your health. However, even though these things emit small amounts of radiation, I'm sure it all adds up each year.

Some of the least suspecting sources, at least to me, was: Natural Gas, cigarettes and/or tobacco that you smoke. They say that sticky tobacco leaves absorb a fair amount of radiation found in nature or something like that, and I just really didn't know or think about natural gas emitting small amounts of radiation. WTF?
A few other common sources of radiation that I simply forgot about, was: drinking water, plane travel (I don't fly anyway), and the soil. I knew that radon gas comes from the soil, but I wasn't thinking about the soil being radioactive in itself. I'm sure that it depends on where you live, much like the radiation levels in drinking water from deep wells would be lower in less polluted areas, most likely. However, not everybody lives next to a nuclear power plant but, either way, drinking water often picks up tiny amounts of radiation anyway - from rocks and soil, etc., since the Earth, uh, contains radiation.

By what I can see, and this comes to no surprise, the medical imaging techniques, x-rays, etc., is one of the biggest sources of man-made radiation that you are most likely to get subjected to in high amounts. The majority of your everyday exposure to radiation comes from the Earth itself and from outer space - including our sun, although the atmosphere blocks most of it. Just think if we were like Planet Tatooine and had two suns! Anyway, that's another reason why flying in a plane or living in high-altitude areas will expose you to higher levels of radiation, since you are technically closer to outer space.

All I can say, is that you can't worry about everything. Some things, like some people, are just unavoidable and are as annoying as a stain that you can't remove. The way I look at it, the entire universe is radioactive evidently, including us, it is just that our bodies don't generally need to be bombarded by it. Of course, when many people are fighting things like Cancer, that may be their only hope of survival - at least for now. I hope the day comes when the medical field is advanced enough to cure cancer without radiation... At any radioactive rate, radiation can save you, kill you, or have very little impact whatsoever, but it is all around, regardless.

Just try to use some common sense, like: don't try to stick your head in the microwave when it is still on (Is that even possible? Ha!), try to not develop tanning bed addictions, don't run to the doctor every week and demand that you be given x-rays just for the sake of "getting checked out"- even though you have no symptoms of illness, etc. Blah-blah...

---End of Post "Common Sources of Radiation"

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dancer Babe - Lacey Schwimmer - Dancing with the Stars

I don't watch much television or anything, but I've recently ran across a few pictures and videos while surfing the web, about some show called "Dancing with the Stars." I usually glance at the headlines, ignore the videos and go on, but this particular blonde babe (although I've seen her as a brunette, as well) that goes by the name Lacey Schwimmer, has got my attention a few times. A lot of those dancer chicks are athletic but too thin for my taste, but Lacey actually has a little meat on her bones and appears to be in really good shape.

What pissed me off, though, was when I read a couple days ago about how some people think she may be too fat to be a dancer. I was like, "what?" She is nowhere near fat! In fact, if she was my woman, I'd be trying to get her to gain a few more pounds. But then again, it may not be fair for me to say, since I am a "big booty aficionado."

Her current occupation is a dancer and a recording artist. Hey, she has good looks AND can sing and dance, so this girl shouldn't have any problems earning money... Anyway, her TV career up to this date, has been with the shows "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With The Stars."
If you'd like to read more about her career and early life, visit:
Within that Wikipedia link, you can also find a link to her official website that will contain a brief biography, videos, photos, events, etc.

Anyway, the main point of this post, is to provide a few sexy images of the dancer babe Lacey Schwimmer. Outside of being a really good dancer, she might want to consider modelling, as well. At any seductive rate, check out the images... Oh, you can click any of the photos located below, to enlarge for a better view:

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flying cars in the future?

Here's an excerpt from a recent post that I read in the auto section @ MSN:

"Excuse us for asking, but what's taking the concept of a flying car so long to, uh, get off the ground? A "roadable aircraft" has been a geek's dream since the idea first surfaced in the early 1900s. Even Henry Ford predicted that a flying car was inevitable. However, the idea has lingered in relative obscurity — that is, until recently." Read more, here: "Flying Cars on the Rise" [link is no longer valid]

Sample image:

I looked at a few other models pertaining to flying automobiles, and I wasn't very impressed. Most of them simply looked like airplanes with bigger wheels and retractable wings. A bulky vehicle with wings is not what the typical science fiction fanatic pictures when thinking about flying cars. Personally, I'm thinking more along the lines of the flying DeLorean, like in the movie "Back to the Future - Part 2," as depicted below:

Will flying cars be a part of our future? Of course, there will be more and more flying vehicles that can be approved for road transport, but the idea that all grounded automobiles get replaced with flying cars, sounds a bit far-fetched to me.

I mean really, we haven't even replaced all the gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles with more efficient power systems and alternative fuels, as of yet. There are tons of high-pollutant vehicles abound on the roadways that are constantly pumping out toxic emissions in excess, and we haven't even rectified this, as a whole. It sounds like "big oil money" is part of the hold up, in my opinion, but lets say that we just skip over that step and head right into flying vehicular mania!

Can you imagine that?

Yeah, me neither... First of all, we'd have to incorporate "flying cops" so we could be rewarded with constant fines and tickets for our petty traffic violations, much like what happens on the road today. Also, we have enough idiot drivers out there that can't even drive on the damn highway or on the city streets without being a hazard to society, so how in the hell would they be able to man a flying contraption?

If there are collisions in the air, they will have to crash-land somewhere! I don't want to here on the news, "today there was a head-on collision involving two drunk college students; the flying cars ended up crashing into a crowded neighborhood, damaging 2 homes and killing 12 people - including the drivers."
What if people get drunk and want to cruise around in their flying car? Will a DUI (driving under the influence) become an FUI (flying under the influence)? Ha-ha!

So many questions with very few answers...
So as of now, I think a society full of flying cars will be left to my imagination and anytime I want to vision this sci-fi based concept, I'll just think of the movie Back to the Future - Part 2, as I mentioned earlier. Besides, I still refuse to get on a plane, so what good would this flying car idea do me anyway? Ha! I'm staying grounded at the moment, so thanks anyway... Cheers!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Jayonna Fabro - Images & Video

Well, this blog generally covers mundane subjects that, while usually being at least semi-interesting, informative or humorous, often lack a little zest and pizazz. So, to make up for it, I'll occasionally drop down some eye candy for your delight.

Today, I'm featuring the lovely, sexy, glamorous, thick & juicy model known as Jayonna Fabro. This girl has a lot of "junk in her trunk," as they say. She has a blissful backside for all the ones, including myself, that really enjoy the sight of big booty babes!
On this post, I'll provide a few images, a sample video from YouTube, and a link to a delightful, seductive image gallery page.

Jayonna Fabro, at least at the moment I'm writing this, is all-natural. Although, I've heard rumors that she has recently got breast implants, I'm yet to see any real images or videos that demonstrate such enlargements. I kinda like the fact that she hasn't had plastic surgery. I don't have any problem with big fake boobies or anything, but I'm just saying that with a phat backside like that, she doesn't need 'em!

Anyway, I'm about to post the YouTube video below. I'm sure there are way better videos of her out there, but I just snagged the first one I run across. I just wanted to show a sample video of her so you can get some idea how seductive she can be. The first part where they show her bent over in a chair for an extended period of time, is the best part of the video in my opinion. Ha-ha! I think that happens somewhere around the 35 second mark during that short vid.

Okay, now for a few images of this sexy model:

To see additional images of this succulent model, visit:
"Jayonna Fabro - Sexy Image Gallery"

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Does a Ventless Gas Fireplace or Stove put out moisture?

I've recently heard about the potential dangers and moisture issues concerning the "ventless" gas stoves and/or the beloved fake fireplace that uses this very same ventless technology, and at first, I couldn't believe it.

I was always under the impression that it was ventless because it had the ability to amazingly burn off the excess carbon monoxide along with other emissions. I never really gave it much thought, and just assumed it was totally safe.

Hell, I've also read lately that some areas in the U.S. have actually banned the use of ventless gas stoves - especially the big ventless gas fireplaces.
Now, don't get me wrong, it does burn off most of the harmful stuff, but still, it isn't totally 100% efficient like you'd think and one can only imagine what may happen if one becomes faulty...

Anyway, this came to my attention when a person who worked from the gas company told my dad that he didn't recommend using a ventless gas heater as the primary source of heat. He said they work fine as a little helper for your main source of heat, vented stove, etc., but overly using one can cause moisture problems, mold, mildew, etc., along with low oxygen levels and could also elevate the carbon monoxide to an unsafe level.
So, in fact, these things are not utterly "ventless" after all! They are still slightly venting, uh, in the room that it is located at! Now, before anybody becomes alarmed, these issues are mainly targeted at people who overuse ventless fireplaces and also have a heavily insulated house, as in it doesn't breathe very well. I may do a post over insulation issues at a later date, but anyway...

It is still hard for me to believe that these things put out moisture and/or cause condensation problems. This must only be for the "stuffy" houses, because I don't recall having these problems when I used them before. Then again, my house isn't insulated very well and the ventless heater was small and only used as a backup heat source.

So... there you have it, as there shouldn't be much questions from here.
Just buy a carbon monoxide detector and only use a ventless fireplace or stove in moderation and try to stick to the vented versions if you live in a heavily insulated house and you prefer the use of natural gas for your heating needs - or de-insulate your house and let it breathe a little. It might cost a little more money to heat and cool a house that isn't insulated like a penguin, but the air quality will be a lot better, which is well worth a few extra dollars.

Stay warm this winter; cheers!

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Do you really have to vaccinate your outdoor pets for rabies every year?

This is a question that many cat and dog owners often ask their self, while reading the annual card they get in the mail from their money hungry, oops, I mean concerned veterinarians.

Oh, it's that time again... It's only been a year and you want me to vaccinate my pets for rabies, again? The veterinarians/animal doctors make it seem almost mandatory that my pets get administered rabies vaccinations along with other immunizations on a regular basis. Do they just want my money or does my pets really need all these annual injections of toxic liquid into their bodies? Yep, I'm sure many of you have asked those questions along with many more, when taking your dogs, cats, etc., to the Vet once a year.

I'm not really sure about State Laws when it comes to rabies vaccinations, but I know that if you have a dog running loose, for example, that bites somebody and it hasn't been vaccinated for rabies lately, that you may very well be up shit creek without a paddle - if ya know what I mean.
If you're curious about State Laws concerning rabies shots, you may need to do a web search about it or try to make some sense out of this page, here:
Now, if you would like to read something a lot more clear and easy to understand that speaks about laws concerning rabies shots, visit the highly recommended web page "The Big Scam - Rabies Vaccination" @

Personally, I think that if you have roaming pets (mainly dogs) that get out in the woods and especially if they venture out into the wilderness at night on a regular basis, that they should be vaccinated for rabies - at least a couple times during their life. I say this mainly for the ones who have kids that play with them a lot or if you play fight with your animals and get exposed to their saliva from time to time - whether it is from bites, licks, and so on. But, that doesn't answer the question as to whether or not you should do this every year. My opinion: I don't think so! It sounds more like a money making scam, if ya ask me!

Many people believe that you should perform vaccinations and immunization shots yearly, while many others believe that these preventative shots cause more harm than good, and definitely shouldn't be given to animals in poor health or during a weakened state. Plus, why waste your money on stuff that is unnecessary?
By what I have read from multiple sources, after filtering out the baloney and the hype, if you have pets that are at risk for contracting rabies, getting them vaccinated every 3 years should be often enough, and definitely not more than every other year - which to me, still sounds too often. It is your animals and your money, so you make the call. I can't be responsible for providing a correct answer to this question, as the data is just too damn conflicting to be absolutely certain.

Now, outside of rabies, you may also be wondering about how often you should get your pets immunization shots. I'm not an expert over this subject matter, so I'll just provide a link that covers this particular topic, here: [Link is no longer active]

All I know is, I've had a roaming, wild dog for almost 14 years and it has only had one round of immunization shots in her life. However, I did fall for the hype the first several years and was giving it annual rabies shots for about 9 of those years. The last 2.5 years, my dog that has lived a very long life of nearly 14 years, has not received another vaccination. I've also did something else that most "pet experts" say is wrong, which is feed her bones and random table scraps all her life - especially chicken bones. My dog likes real food, not fortified cardboard, and she has lived a very healthy life -regardless of me going against the supposed "pet experts" advice.

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