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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wild Girls & Lower Back Tattoos

At the time I'm writing this, the "Mundane Blog" is very new. It hasn't even been around for 2 months yet and, as expected, traffic is low on the beginning. However, the hits are starting to pick up and, although I've wrote several posts over various subjects, what brings in most of the traffic is 'image searches' for sexy girls.
What's funny, is that I haven't posted very many images pertaining to "wild babes with tramp stamps" or "seductive babes" or "hot tramp," and so on. For example, check out the image I used at the bottom of my post "Will the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) exist in the future?" On that particular blog post, I was talking about the future for the U.S. mail service, the price of stamps, etc. Well, I needed to find an image of a postage stamp, but when I was searching online I kept running into sexy babes with lower back tattoos (also known as "tramp stamps"), so I posted one just for the hell of it, although it didn't relate to the USPS... Ha-ha!

Anyway, speaking of wild girls and lower back tattoos: I'm seeing a lot of this, nowadays. It used to be looked at differently, as in "oh, I bet she is really wild and sexually unchaste;" but now, since everybody and their mother has one, it is just like "oh, well, that's only the 9th tramp stamp, oops, I mean lower back tattoo that I've seen today."

Personally, I don't want any of that ink on me. I don't want to be branded for life with some tattoo that I may have liked at the moment. Actually, I've never seen one that I would like to have and plainly put, I just don't want that shit on me! I must say, though, that I've seen tattoos that looked really good on people, especially those seductive lower back tattoos on hot girls and wild tramps. Ha!
At any rate, getting tattoos is a personal choice and whatever makes you happy, I say go for it. I'll just say "no thanks" to the ink for me and I'll just sport the occasional "mother nature tattoo" (scars) that I get from time to time - due to activity and accidents.

Below, I'll provide a few images of some vivacious girls with lower back (a.k.a. tramp stamps) tattoos. I selected a few popular ones from shared photo websites and forums, etc., to avoid any need for image credits - mainly because it is hard to find the original source for images anymore! Anyway, enjoy the pics......

I don't know why people post images of their selves online while being drunk, but anyway, the image below is, uh, interesting in a wild, sort of untamed kinda way:
Drunk Tattoo Girls
Now, if you're looking for a nice image gallery featuring a tattoo model, visit: "Queen Esther Hanuka - Sexy Tattoo Model"

---End of Post "Wild Girls & Lower Back Tattoos"


  1. We respect your choice in getting a tattoo and actually, I agree with you in getting "tramp stamps". If ever I get a tattoo, I would never ever place it there. It may look sexy but it can sometimes be TOO sexy. :)

  2. Hi, Natalie... nice escort website, by the way; ha! Yeah, those lower back tattoos on wild girls can be rather sexy, but I'm sure many of them end up getting more attention than they originally wanted - especially from random freaks & weirdos... LOL!