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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video: How is toilet paper made?

Are you a bit bored today?
Well, you must be if you landed here in search for the answer to the query "how is toilet paper made?" Ha-ha!
Actually, after watching the video about the massive production of bunghole wipes, I can say that it was at least semi-interesting to see mass production in full swing. I've read somewhere that the average person uses 50lbs. of toilet tissue per year and, of course, that figure may be higher in America since overeating seems to be on the rise.

...But before I post the video, I'll drop down a humorous image for your enjoyment:

Oh, my god... I'm out of bunghole paper!It seems that this guy is out of toilet paper! Ha! I would have gave an image credit to this funny pic, but I found it on some random blogspot blog, so I don't have a link to the original source. Anyway, it seems that the moral of this toilet-based depiction, at least to me, is that lazy people never seem to replenish the roll and typically only stupid people take a dump while setting next to an empty toilet paper dispenser, etc. LOL!
Okay, now back to the point of this silly blog post...

Video located below: How is toilet paper made?

You know, a person once told me that you don't want to know what all they put in toilet paper. But after watching that video, I can only assume the "pulp" grossed him out during the early stages of production. It looks like a bunch of recycled paper that was being used, but who knows what all was mixed in with it...

I have noticed, on occasions, that cheap toilet tissue seems to have an odd smell to it. Then again, who cares because it is not like you're going to be eating it. Oops! Scratch that! I just now recall reading about a woman who has been eating toilet paper since she was in the 6th Grade... Yikes! Check out this video from Discovery Channel's "My Strange Addictions," if you want to see it for yourself: [URL is no longer valid]

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---End of Post "Video: How is toilet paper made?"

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