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Sunday, August 14, 2011

If 'Heaven' really exists, wouldn't it be boring?

An odd query I'm sure, but really, when you think about it, wouldn't the "heaven" described by most religions be, uh, boring?

I hate to say it, but... What? Are we going to just sit around and hold each other under pink skies and blissful rainbows while living/dwelling under the roof of this supposed "eternal heaven" and tell each other just how much we love each other over and over and over and over??? Damn, I've met a few of those nutjobs before and they were anything but divine, let me tell ya!

WTF? No, I didn't mean to abbreviate; I mean: what the fuck?

If you're in the biblical state of heaven, then that means there's no thinking of your own, no creativity, no promiscuous fun, no freedom of choice, no nothing outside of being a human vegetable that is brain-dead and thinks and sees only under the rose-colored glasses of one side of life.

Once again, think about it... Most religions seem to want to divide the entire fabric of the universe into two sides, which is often labelled as good & evil, yin & yang, black & white, and so on. This is fine, cute, and easy to do - except when you actually think about living without both sides!

What is this? Are you telling me that Jekyll & Hyde must be separated?

This whole subject reminds me of an old (the original series) Star Trek show that was entitled "Mirror, Mirror." That particular Star Trek episode (Mirror, Mirror) clearly demonstrated how we needed both sides to be who we really are and function at our best, and if we get out of balance and have too much of either good or evil, we'll end up being a very fucked up character altogether that can never make it nor face the cosmos for what it really is.

At any rate, try to understand this: Us, dearly beloved "human beings," are some very crafty, creative individuals who seek freedom and endless knowledge as a whole. Sure, we got a many doltish dumb ass in our flock, but hey, who said we didn't have an ongoing Kindergarten class here via planet Earth, either? True, this thing seems to be eternal and nobody said that you couldn't have some divine soul and journey throughout the endless void of space, time, experiences, and memories... But in all seriousness of divine dogma dung, if "heaven" really exists, wouldn't it be boring? Hmm, maybe the people that often imagine this ultimate, wonderful "heaven," are also the same hopeless romantics who wish, but only when everything is going good for them, that "this moment would last forever" or speak about being froze in such a romantic setting in such a way, that every second seemed like an eternity but only if it could, yet again, "last forever."

We all know that "Hell" is on the other divide of pompous, money-collecting dogmatic divine dogma dictions, as those lovely folks that are adhered to the "book of monkey rules," think it is totally fine to threaten others with some eternal blow torch of excruciating flames - just to get you to put money in their corrupt offering plate, of course!

Okay, well, I'll end this asinine post, before I go any further, by providing a YouTube video (located below), as this little horny-looking girl (Belinda Carlisle) once sang the song, maybe "heaven is a place on earth":

So, maybe heaven really exists after all, but only just under the misconception of "Hell on Earth" actually being "Heaven" after all... Hey, don't look at me, I didn't sing the damn song... Ha-ha-ha!

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