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Monday, August 8, 2011

How to make Beer Battered Onion Rings - Video

After recently doing a recipe post a few moments ago, I got to thinking of something else that I ran across the other day. It was an instructional video showing how to make beer battered onion rings. Normally, I'd type the step-by-step recipe instructions down, but this video was so easy to follow, there's no point in me typing out instructions. Of course, if the video, for whatever reason, becomes unavailable in the future, I'll provide the written instructions, etc. Anyway, it was less than 5 minutes long and you can find it below:

Onions rings may get a bad rep for being fattening, unhealthy, and so on, but it doesn't hurt to binge a little and enjoy some good fat-filled eats! Besides, the onions are at least good for you and the finished product is about as fattening as most fried foods, so what's the big deal?

Anyway, I used to only eat onion rings when I would go to the Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. The Sonic usually has some pretty damn good rings, as well - depending on who's working, if they are cooked right, or how fresh they are. Later on, I tried the frozen food version of onion rings at the local grocery stores, and they just weren't the same; I'd dip them in ketchup just to make them more palatable. Fair warning: if you're buying onion rings from the frozen food section that are already battered and ready to bake or fry, read the package and make sure they didn't use minced onions instead of whole slices. Yes, I've bought some before that used minced onions and it ended up being some tasteless mushy crap on the inside. Ore Ida's rings are okay, but nothing beats the fresh ones that you make from scratch!

Regardless of my senseless chatter and culinary rambling, I provided the video link in case you wanted to try the homemade beer battered version. Normally, I'd hate to see beer getting poured out, but go ahead and pour that beer into the batter mix full of flour, corn meal, eggs, seasoning, etc., dip those freshly sliced onions, fry those suckers in pre-heated oil, and enjoy!
Side Note: I'd choose the sweet onions and/or Vidalia onions for this recipe... Cheers!

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