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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Naming Cloud Formations is simply Childish...

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this "amazing" cloud formation that supposedly formed a face recently. I remember seeing things in the clouds as a child, but never took it for more than what it was worth, unlike many "challenged" individuals of today. Anyway... Uh, yeah, the supposed "astonishing" video that has recently been flying all over the world wide web, is located here:

So... A few clouds gather together, form a face due to our imagination and hopeful perspective of some divine artist from a cloud-forming crayon that scribbles from outer space while wearing a god-like pink robe and waving an ancient twig used to slap the innocent asses of humanity... just because "he" can, and presto; we have news media coverage about this asinine baloney - all over the fucking place.
Ahh, who cares? What, is this really a cloud formation that's forming some mythical being that's about to present itself upon mankind? No. Will this super atmospheric cloud save the world? No. Is this some sign from above? No. Is this God's comic strip live via the world's polluted recycling of water vapor? No. Is this all just a bunch of hyped-up bull-shit, hogwash and nonsensical dung? Yes.

Well folks, all I can say is: Whatever floats your boat, but if I catch your fictitious ass in my shipyard, you'll be sinking fast, mate. Ha!

I hate to be so anti-unreal, but my realist side shows most prominent when dealing with idiots; oops, my bad...

On an even more sorry-ass note, is this the guy (pictured below) you seen in the clouds?

---End of Post "Naming Cloud Formations is simply Childish..."

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