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Monday, August 15, 2011

Can Additive-Free Cigarettes help you quit?

Breathing smoke of any type is obviously bad for your health, and the lovely nicotine-laced smoke from cigarettes can be quite addictive. So, many people out there, especially the ones who have been smoking for years and are up to a pack or more a day, would really like to quit. With the way prices are today, many folks want to quit because of financial reasons about as much as they do for health reasons. For example, I smoke Marlboro Light 100's and they are currently being sold in my area for over 5 dollars a pack. That means, if I only smoke 1 pack a day, I'd be paying at least 150 dollars a month... Just think about those 2 and 3-pack-a-day smokers!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I was going into a convenient store to buy my usual beer & cigarettes. Well, there was some little blonde sitting outside in a tight short skirt, had a couple sexy tattoos showing, and had a table set up full of additive-free cigarettes that she was promoting, trying to boost sales of her Seneca brand smokes. I walked by her and went on inside the store, since there were guys already lining up to flirt with her, uh, I mean check out the Seneca cigarettes that she was giving away free samples for.
I paid for my beer & cigarettes and talked to the guy working in the store for a bit. He told me about her promotion and we both agreed that by the way she was dressed, it looked like she was promoting something else... ha-ha!

Well anyway, I left the store and walked by her table and interrupted the guy that had been there the whole time, holding up the small line, and just quickly said, "so, what are you promoting?" She quickly told me about her product, how they had a high conversion rate for Marlboro smokers and how their cigarettes are a lot cheaper and are additive-free, 100% tobacco, etc.
I thought, "additive-free?" Anyway, she gave me a free pack and I went on my way. I think she needed a break from that other guy anyway (he left when I started talking to her). Not only did he need to wipe the drool and slobber off his face, he might need to start relieving his self before going out in public. Some people are just plain pathetic, to put it nicely...

It was so obvious that she wasn't interested in random weird perverts like him and was just dressed like that to get more customers, ya know, to help "promote" the product. Anyway, that's a totally different subject that is unrelated to this post, so I'll move on...

The question is: Can additive-free cigarettes help you quit?

The reason why I ask, is because when I got home that day I started reading up about this additive-free stuff, as I knew they pump loads of additives into the conventional cigarettes on the market - which just adds even more to the toxic list of reasons to quit smoking. Seneca isn't the only brand that brags about being additive-free; just do a web search if you're interested and you'll see.

During my quick research, I noticed a few unfair "studies" in which they were, at least it seemed that way to me, trying to say that additive-free cigarettes were worse than the regular ones that are loaded with additives. I tell ya, it made no sense to me! When looking at that particular study, they tested a non-filter additive-free cigarette versus a filtered additive-laced cigarette! Well folks, after seeing that, I just ignored whatever else they were saying.

I just did a quick web search again, and here's an example of some of these "studies" that they perform:
Dang, I never realized that additive-free cigs were so debatable...
On another note, I was reading somewhere that some people actually go through withdrawal after switching to additive-free cigarettes because their body is used to the ones with additives. Now, I cannot validate that statement nor say that it is absolutely true, but I mentioned it because I did read such things on some website on the web and I've read similar comments within comment fields, forums, etc.

If you've been smoking for years, especially if you're a heavy smoker, there will probably be no "easy way out" or a certain method that makes quitting any easier. I've always wondered if those "e-cigarettes" or whatever they are called, would be effective or not.
However, I did write a blog post about this whole "quit smoking" subject a while back, and you can find it here: "Can smoking 'Ultra-Lights' help you quit?"

In closure, whatever method you choose, quitting smoking will definitely help save you money and, unless it is too late, it will improve your health. I know, I know, it's easier said than done...

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