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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ditch the cheap shoes and buy medium-grade running or walking shoes...

Unless you're unemployed, stay inside all the time, are a couch potato, constantly run around barefoot all the time, a beach bum with sandals or flip flops, etc., chances are that having a good pair of shoes is a very important thing.

Personally, I hate spending a lot of money on shoes because I know that I'm going to wear them out fairly quick. I do a lot of walking and quite a bit of fast walking, cover a lot of ground (I've wondered before just how many miles per week), on my feet a lot, and there is only about two days a week that I don't walk very much (when I'm off).

There is some debate on whether or not expensive shoes are actually worth the money - when compared to cheaper shoes. Over the years, I've tested the low-grade (cheap), medium-grade (affordable but not cheap), and even a couple times... the supposed high-grade (expensive) shoes. However, I have noticed that the quality has went down considerably over the last few years, so the low-grade shoes (the ones you should ditch) are now mostly crap that falls apart in a few weeks of heavy use; you know, the cheap shoes that are usually found at stores like Walmart. I could understand buying a new pair every 6 weeks if you're only spending 10 dollars, but many of these low-grade shoes are as high as 30 dollars while claiming they have some unique "foot technology" or some special insole, etc., which is simply marketing baloney and whatnot.

Anyway, by what I have found, the medium-grade shoes that are usually in the $50 dollar to $100 dollar price range seem to be the best overall value. For example, if I buy a 25 dollar pair at Wally World and they only last me 2 months, are not very comfortable to begin with, what's the point? I spend 60 dollars on a pair of medium-grade running shoes, like the Adidas brand, and they last me 7 months (6 good months, I stretched that last month) while being very comfortable. So you do the math... Do I end up buying 3 pairs of 25 dollar shoes (equals 75 dollars total) or one pair of 60 dollar shoes?
The only benefit I see from buying cheap shoes, is that you get a fresh pair of insoles more often, since you're throwing them away so quickly.

If you're wondering about all this "running / walking shoes" talk, and are curious as to what type of shoes you actually need, visit the Walking Shoes vs. Running Shoes article, below: [link is no longer active]

Even though I don't run, I have found that the running shoes hold up better to my fast walking and my stop-and-go motions, but under normal circumstances, most people would be just fine with the standard walking shoes. At any rate, many of you will find out that you're not saving any money in the long run, when you buy low-grade products and it may be time to ditch the damn cheap shoes...

Sample image of what the typical running/sports shoe looks like:
Adidas BrandIf you're interesting in buying some better quality shoes online, visit the link below:

---"Shop via Amazon for Running Shoes"

If you follow that last link, you can always customize your search, get in the right category that's just for you, etc. I just directed the link to the "running shoes" search results page.

---End of Post "Ditch the cheap shoes and buy medium-grade running or walking shoes..."

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