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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The depiction of an "Ancient Alien Theorist" - Ha-ha!

Or, is it simply the depiction of "ha-ha?" LOL!

Legitimate Historians? I'm the ancient astronaut theorist via the ancient-ancient-ancient alien that stepped on a trilobite a few million years ago that totally whacked out society as we know it, along with the lovely specialists of ancient-ancient-ancient grey people and, if you piss me off, I will chant about the green reptilian aliens (while I fluff my hair into a replica of Einstein getting cranially electrocuted) as well...AND their purpose for co-existing with all of us other weirdos... [source = unknown; check the world wide web for reference].

Ha-ha! This post is just for entertainment; I stumbled upon the image above, as I was searching for alien pictures. I just thought it was funny (you gotta love the guy's enthusiasm and wild hair), even though I'm actually a fan of alien theories and I've even enjoyed watching a few shows from the Ancient Alien series. Anyway, back to the poppycock I was typing......

Aliens, God, Satan, UFOs, Angels, religions, facts, fables, fictional short stories, actuality, imagination, bad hair day, fried brain cells, marijuana, alcohol, drugs galore, Ancient Aliens' territory, Jesus Freaks, Muhammadan madmen gone wild, Buddha on a diet, the numeric 666, heaven's gates, you freakin' name it!!!
Personally, I just wish the ancient alien theorists would simply remove the anal probes from the cosmic mix of extraterrestrial perversion, as we could all sleep easier without cattle prods with demented intentions, branding our anus cavities during our sleep while crazed lunatics chant praise of such things on cable television; cheers!

Good luck and God Bless! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

---End of Post "The depiction of an 'Ancient Alien Theorist' - Ha-ha!"

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