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Monday, December 19, 2011

'Latex Fetish' Models

Well, this little Blogspot Blog has been fairly active the last few months. I just started the Mundane Blog in August 2011, and here it is December 2011, 53 random posts later...

However, when it comes to this particular blog, this may be the last post for a while, since I will be on a transitory hiatus (from this site) while working on other online projects and stagnant websites of mine. I have like 6 sites to mess with, and it is hard to keep all of 'em updated all the time, so I often let some of them go dormant while I'm refreshing the content on others.

Anyway, I'll most likely return soon enough... So, since this may be the last post for a few weeks or more, I thought I'd drop down some links to some eye candy and, in this case, sexy Latex Fetish Models! Yummy!
I just built an image gallery today featuring what I like to call the "latex queen," Bianca Beauchamp. This babe is smokin' hot! I'll give a link to her gallery in a moment, along with a sample image just to get your engine started.

I'd hate to have just one girl featured under this particular fetish category, so I'll most likely add another babe to the latex mix; plus, the title does say "models" as in plural. Ha! In the event I add another gallery page, I'll come back by and update this post with another image and link to the new pictorial page. Okay, enough talk; lets get on with it...

Sample Image of the Fetish Model & Latex Queen, Bianca Beauchamp:

I went with red latex for the sample image, but this model looks great in tight black latex and just about anything else she sports in a skimpy fashion. It is just something about scantily clad models with 32FF fake breasts, that gets me every time... Ha-ha! However, Bianca is also very seductive when fully covered in tight latex, let me tell ya...

At any alluring rate, if you'd like to see more of her, visit the image gallery page, here: "Bianca Beauchamp - Sexy Fetish Model - Latex Queen"

I've added another image gallery under the latex category. Her name is Susan Wayland; she is a sexy German Fashion Model. I'll provide a sample image below and a link to her gallery page; cheers!

To see more of Susan, visit: "Susan Wayland - German Fashion Model - Image Gallery"
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  1. Awesome Pictures!! Like it very much! Latex is my Passion!

    Love Lara

  2. I'm glad you like 'em! Bianca Beauchamp and Susan Wayland really sport the latex quite nicely!