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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I finally tried Ranch Dressing with Hot Wings...

Well, I must say, I'm definitely a connoisseur of chicken wings and a meat-eating aficionado, but I've never tried Ranch Dressing with hot wings before, until the other day. Year after year, I keep wondering why people relate this white creamy dressing with those blissful, tasty, hot & spicy wings, and I never give it a try just because it doesn't sound right... I've cooked 'em several different ways, tried a many frozen chicken products, and have damn-near taste-tested every hot wing in the fast-food and restaurant businesses within my local coordinates of a reasonable distance, but I've always ignored the whole Ranch Dressing dip thingy because when I'm checking out how good the wings are, I don't want anything else that can get in between me, my taste buds, and the hot wings I'm eating. However, yesterday, upon my seek to find another variation of hot wings that I haven't tried before, I went to a Pit BBQ place that mainly specializes in pork (Whitt's Barbecue). I ordered up 20 Hot Wings at the Pork BBQ restaurant for 13 dollars (a little high, but I've paid more at other places and plus, one must remember that they mainly sell pork, not chicken).

Anyway, I paid for the food, got my lovely loaded Styrofoam container filled with hot wings, and went on my merry way. When I got home, I opened the environmentally unfriendly (Styrofoam) container full of wings and noticed that they put two big packets of Ranch Dressing in there. I was like, "what in the hell is it with Ranch Dressing?" I threw those stupid-looking packets away, and then started thinking...
I opened the fridge and seen a bottle of Ranch Dressing in there that my ex-girlfriend bought when she lived with me. It was still in date, so I changed my mind, and decided to try it.

I sampled 3 of the 20 wings with this supposed hot-wing-related dressing, and figured that even if it sucked, I would still have 17 hot wings to eat for supper, after I finished drinking my beer for the day, of course. Well, as it turned out, the Ranch Dressing was totally excellent and went very well with hot wings! In fact, it adds a good deal of flavor and almost balances out the hotness, which I quickly remedied with additional hot sauce. To make it short, if you ever run into some chicken wings that are a bit too hot (not a common problem with me) or if you'd just like to add more flavor, you should try dipping your hot wings into some Ranch Dressing and give it a try.

This post might seem a little silly or uninformative or non-entertaining, but seriously, I think the moral of the story here is: Sometimes you just need to take a chance or try something different, as you never really know for sure until you experience it. And we're talking about food here, but that same philosophy can also apply to a lot of things in life.

An additional tidbit: By using this particular type of dressing/dip, you can easily eat chicken wings that are hotter than you'd normally like them to be. This is good, if you can stomach it, because there are a lot of health benefits when it comes to spicy foods and hot peppers. In fact, I once wrote a blog post entitled "Hot Pepper Craze - Health Benefits & Info," so give it a quick read, if interested. I don't know about you, but the image below makes me hungry... Cheers!

---End of Post "I finally tried Ranch Dressing with Hot Wings..."

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