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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hot 'Weather Girls' - Sexy Meteorologists

Well, the region I reside in has been fairly cold lately. I have to check the weather channels somewhat regularly because with the weather we have had lately, it might be hot one day and cool the next. Anyway, I don't know how or why I came across this subject, but it would be nice, as horny as this sounds, if there were more sexy meteorologists out there. For many of us, seeing the weather forecast would be more interesting to say the least, and some of those hot 'weather girls' could perhaps make us feel warmer on those frigid days when we are dreading the bad news about more freezing temperatures on the way. Ha! Maybe, maybe not, but it was worth an online search, regardless...

It was actually fairly hard to find many images related to this, although I did run across a few sites that seemed to be all in favor of this notion. In a moment, I'm going to post a few sexy images of some hot female meteorologists (I'm not sure, but two or three of them may be the same person - ha-ha!). Some of these girls may have been models in the past and decided to just hang it up and get into meteorology. Nah, I doubt if that's the case. If it were true, I'd say that it would be the other way around in order, since one would require schooling and the other (modelling) just takes raw physical assets and a nice smile.

Anyway, if you're not happy with the images below, you can always do an 'image search' online for "Hot Weather Girls" or some other related search terms...and see what ya find! Some of these images are poor quality, but it was slim pickings, so I got what I could find at the moment. I did notice that Mexico seems to have an abundance of provocative looking meteorologists, but I tried to find girls from different areas.

---Side Note: I can't give image credits to these pics, since a lot of the same images were on multiple websites; plus, it looks like screenshots anyway; hence forth the lower grade of quality.

Images of alluring weather girls, below:

Well, I hope you enjoyed your ~ weather forecast ~ for today.

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---End of Post "Hot 'Weather Girls' - Sexy Meteorologists"

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