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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looking for something to kick & punch?

Well folks, I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving and dodged the Black Friday madness this year. I never understood why people would rush out and do their Christmas shopping right after Thanksgiving amid crazy hordes of bargain shoppers, just to save a few bucks. To me, it just isn't worth it. People will kick, punch, pull, grope, bite, scream, and much more, just to get what they want. This year, Black Friday sales started even earlier at a lot of places, as one could have almost called it Black Thursday because of such hastened sales of seasonal frugality.

If one was looking for a pathetic form of entertainment, you could do some 'video searches' online for "Black Friday Fights" and other similar terms, to find the insane videos you may be yearning for. Below, I'll post a quick video that displays the crowds and/or throngs that commonly appear at these madhouses. I'm sure there were also some kicking, punching, and who knows what, going on in that store somewhere. Ha-ha!

Anyway, that was just a sample clip showing just how insanely stupid these sales have gotten. You should work in one of those retail spots that host post-Thanksgiving chaos like that; fun, fun! Hell, I know people that go to those places during the blitz sale, just for the entertainment and don't really buy very much. ...Talk about people who perhaps may need to get out more or, better yet, get a freakin' life!

Anyway, after seeing and hearing about this year's Christmas shopping hurricane of asininity, it reminded me of how there may be a lot of people out there who may be looking for something non-human (since ya can get in trouble if it's human these days) to kick & punch. So, I reflected back to earlier this year when I wrote about such things on a health blog of mine. I'll provide a couple sample images and links below, in case you're interested...

Visit: "Picking out the right Heavy bag / Speed bag Stand"

Visit: "The 'Body Opponent' Heavy Bag"

I think that if a person has the room to store these heavy bags, body stands, etc., along with the money to afford these things, and if you're either into physical fitness, boxing, karate or simply find yourself frustrated a lot and constantly looking for something to beat on, this may be the perfect gift for you this year. To hell with Black Friday deals and seasonal bargains, just go buy yourself one of those 'Kick & Punch' Stands/Bags, and you can shop calmer this year, after releasing the fury upon those lovely non-human targets.

Personally, I've had a Heavy bag / Speed bag stand combo, and it was decent for basic punching, but unless you get one big enough and have it weighted down, the stand will often move around a lot. I didn't really use it much for kicks, though. Also, make sure you have strong enough floors and ceilings, etc. What I'm more interested in, is that damn Body Opponent Heavy Bag. I may buy one of those in the future; it is compact and resembles a human, which makes it even more fun to kick & punch, if ya know what I mean.
Anyway, happy holidays... Ha-ha!

---End of Post "Looking for something to kick & punch?"

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