Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: 10 Crazy Theories about our Existence...

Actually, the video was entitled "10 Mad Scientific Theories," but I thought that was a little vague, considering the subject matter. When it comes to theories about our existence, the universe, etc., usually one theory from the next seems about equally crazy to me, because the entire cosmos of creation is chaos, if ya think about it. It's a galactic madhouse out there, if you will... Ha-ha!

Anyway, this is a short post with the sole intention of sharing a little not-so-mundane 2:26 minute video that I stumbled upon this morning. They should have slowed it down a bit and been more elaborate from one theory to the next, but whatever, I guess they were in a hurry. I'm going to list the 10 crazy and/or "mad scientific" theories about our existence, that was mentioned on that short flick; feel free to look them up individually, on the web, if desired...

The 10 Theories were: 1) The Doughnut Shaped Universe, 2) Anti-Matter Galaxies, 3) Panspermia Theory, 4) The Ekpyrotic Model, 5) Many Worlds Theory, 6) The Simulation Hypothesis, 7) The Zoo Hypothesis, 8) The Quantum Zeno Effect & The End of the Universe, 9) Black Holes are Gateways to other Universes, 10) The Holographic Principle

Okay, check out the video below:

Out of those 10 theories, I think the "Panspermia Theory" and "Black Holes are Gateways to other Universes," are the two most plausible. Well, if they meant 'wormholes' instead of black holes, that is... The Holographic Principle has been worn out, in my opinion, by a bunch of failed mystics (also known as lunatics) - but anything is possible when it comes to the reasons for our existence, I suppose. However, I have thought of some of the others myself due to mere imagination, along with other crazy theories that wasn't listed in the video. The possibilities are endless; what else is there to say?

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