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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who cares about planets that are hundreds of light years away?

Part 1:
How many times have you heard fantastical headlines about some bizarre alien planet that is "newly discovered" by so-called scientists, only to hear that it probably doesn't have a chance for being habitable and/or that it is hundreds of light years away? Well, here is a recent example...

Headline: 'Godzilla of Earths' Detected Around an Alien Sun

Intro: "Scientists have just discovered the "Godzilla of Earths" — a new type of huge and rocky alien world about 560 light-years from Earth."

They later went on to say that it is most likely impossible for it to harbor life, as if it would make a damn.

Garbage Source =

Verdict: Who cares!?

I mean, seriously, who in the hell cares that a group of people think that they found a giant rocky planet that wasn't gaseous within a 600 light-year radius? I'm not in the least bit a science & discovery hater or anything of the like, but my gawd! I'd rather read the cartoon section as opposed to pondering about the chemical composition of a planet that freakin' far away. As the old adage states: Let's be real!

In the mean time, we should probably ponder over how much money is wasted on studying planets that are hundreds of light years away.

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The post above reminds me of another older post I wrote a while back.  Since I'm moving my posts around to other websites & blogs, I thought I'd just add it to this one, as well.

Part 2:  Giant Alien Planet Discovered

Great news, folks! Not! Ha-ha! They just found some giant, useless alien planet out in the Cosmos, that will not change one single aspect of your life. The only people this affected, were the ones that thought they had their planetary formation theories correct. First of all, this foreign/alien planet is suppose to be about 11 times bigger than Jupiter. Yeah, that's a big one!

What threw a monkey wrench into the picture, is that it orbits a star that is extremely far away. It is roughly 650 times farther away than the Earth is from its Sun and, to get a better understanding, the orbit of this newly discovered planet is 20 times farther away from its star than Neptune is from the Sun. Wow! No basking in the Sun from that planet! Anyway, going by their current formation "models," a planet of that size shouldn't have formed that far away from its star. Even if the planet was meant to be a star but lacked the mass to ultimately turn into one, it still doesn't add up for these researchers.

A couple quotes from the source page: "Every new directly detected planet pushes our understanding of how and where planets can form. Discoveries like HD 106906 b provide us with a deeper understanding of the diversity of other planetary systems." Read more about this discovery, here:

My day is much better now, after knowing that several researchers are even more confused than they already were. LOL!

Image Credit: In the Public Domain because it was solely created by NASA.

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