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Sunday, February 22, 2015

USB Hidden Spy Voice Recorder

This is a nifty little device that could have many valuable uses. Whether you are using it to record lectures, random thoughts, etc., or to use as a hidden spy tactic, this USB voice recorder has a very low profile and is extremely easy to use. The one shown here holds up to 8GB of memory, which they claim that it equates to about 150 hours of recordings. It easily plugs into your computer's USB drive (while simultaneously charging it) so you can playback your recordings via .WAV files. I've seen a price range of just under 20 bucks all the way up to nearly 40 dollars, depending on the brand, size of the memory, etc.

The sound quality, going by one of the customer reviews, suppose to be about as good as the ancient portable cassette recorders of the past. Without the bulk of the old-style recorders, one could easily have this in a shirt pocket without anybody knowing about it. Personally, I've never needed a hidden spy voice recorder, but if I did, this is the type I would buy. Even if you dropped it in front of someone, most people wouldn't know what it was because it looks like a typical USB charging device. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this product today, in case any of y'all were needing to go undercover; ha-ha!

Update: I went back after a couple of years since I originally posted this to check on updated prices, products, etc. It seems that the cost for these little recorders haven't changed much.  After clicking on the link below, I did notice a lot more spy related gadgets on the market.  I must say, if I didn't go with this particular style, I would probably buy the ones that look like little pens, instead. I mean, a writing pen that performs similar sneaky tasks such as this one would be fairly stealthy, wouldn't you say?

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