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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seed Tape for Small Seeds

I was just looking at this semi-interesting gardening aid today, known as seed tape, and was thinking how it could be fairly useful for those pesky small seeds that almost seem invisible once they hit the dirt. You know, the really tiny seeds like beets, radishes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, turnips, etc. Most of the stuff I plant usually has medium to large seeds, but the seed tape could come in handy for the micro seeds, I suppose.

This is an extremely simple concept with environmentally friendly features. The paper and adhesive from this tape is biodegradable and compostable. It's an easy way to sow small seeds, no doubt. This gardening tape is pre-glued for your convenience. The printed increments on the tape makes the proper spacing of your seeds a cinch. You just dig out your spot/row, put the seeds on the biodegradable tape, place it in the trench/furrow and cover it up with the dirt and add some water.

Will I try this amazingly simple product this year? No, probably not. LOL! I'd rather spend my extra money on more plants and fertilizer, additional soil, and so on. However, I just thought I'd mention this in case some of y'all sow a lot of tiny seeds and have trouble getting your garden rows straight. Personally, I don't care if my plants come up in a zig-zag fashion, just as long as they come up, thrive, and produce; cheers!

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