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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Fetish: The 'Human Barbie Doll' Look

Depicted above is one of the many who have took part in this new crazed fetish. Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the "Human Barbie," went viral earlier this year after the images of this attractive 21-year-old blonde model entered the online kingdom. Many folks are wondering if she got plastic surgery or if most of these online photos are merely Photoshop, etc. If in doubt, go online and perform an image search for this type of stuff... Anyway, some people even say she isn't real, for example. Well, there is no doubt that she is a living, breathing human being. However, she does claim that she is all natural and possesses this type of Barbie Doll look by using an awesome make-up job and is more focused on her optimistic disposition and spiritual connection, going by what I've read.

This individual shown above is not the only one I have seen the last few years, that has really got into this new type of fetish. There was some guy on TV a while back, that was striving to look just like the Barbie Doll named Ken. Except this guy admitted to going through various types of expensive surgeries and whatnot. Even though I found that particular case to be totally ridiculous and a waste of money, it didn't cost me anything so whatever floats your boat, dude. Other popular models have somewhat tried to mock these childish figurines, but more times than not, the plastic surgery goes wrong somewhere down the line after trying to achieve this human Barbie Doll look. I must give Valerie some credit, though, as she did really well on this cosmetic aspect. Now, whether her boobs are real or if she had additional plastic surgery, is another story. Personally, I prefer the more all-terrain, big booty, sexy-but-tough look, sort of like the girls you often see in rap videos while "shaking what their momma gave 'em," as they say; ha!

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