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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Make Homemade Doughnuts from Cheap Biscuits

This is a really simple, cheap alternative to making homemade doughnuts. Your main ingredients are a can of biscuits, the oil to fry them in, and whatever you use to glaze 'em with. There is no magical recipe here! If you can poke a doughnut hole in the dough, you should be good to go! LOL!

This is also one of those things that you will most likely master on your 2nd or 3rd batch. Frying 'em just right and finding the perfect glaze/topping, is the key. The few times I have did this, I have found that the basic cheap biscuits tend to be the best and easiest to fry. You don't want some fancy super-biscuit with multiple layers or artificial butter flavoring, either.

When it comes to the glaze, I've used chocolate syrup mixed with butter, sugar, etc. I think most doughnut glazes consist of sugar, butter, salt, milk, and vanilla extract. I'm not a glaze guru, so I'll let you figure out that part. I'm just posting this as an idea, in case you are one of those that was like me when I first heard of this: "Oh, cool... I've never really thought about using biscuit dough for doughnuts. This sounds so easy!" Yeah, it is. Now, would I rather have some freshly baked Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze doughnuts? Yeah, but this cheap recipe for homemade doughnuts comes in handy when, say, you have an extra can of biscuits that you didn't use for breakfast, for example. Cheers!

Image Credit: My own shoddy image using the MS Paint program.

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