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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Long-Distance Wi-Fi Antenna

Yeah, when I say long distance, I mean like half a mile away! If this product does what it says it can, there will be a lot of people getting free Internet service with their laptops and computers. A while back, I wrote a post that was entitled "What can disrupt your Wi-Fi Network Adapter?" on another website.

Anyway, a lot of people seemed to think that other folks in the neighborhood were trying to tap off of my Internet connection, but since it was a secure connection between the house computers, I'm assuming that wasn't the case. It works better now, for whatever reason, and I think my network adapter may be the one to blame. You can flip the thing around or shake it some times, and it will start working fine for days. Then, you can barely bump it and the damn thing will go out.

Regardless of that other, I'm glad I have a secure connection or else everybody and their grandmother would be trying to tap off of me along with anybody else that pays for their Internet in this area that has unsecured home networks. If more and more people start buying these long-distance Wi-Fi antennas, like the one shown above, the air waves will be even busier than they already were (as if that really matters). However, this would be a good option for somebody that lives close to a hotspot in town that provides a public connection and whatnot. Now, if you are living way out in the sticks, this product won't serve any useful purpose.

The long-distance Wi-Fi antenna I looked at today, comes with a 25 foot USB cable and it's actually an indoor and outdoor antenna, which of course would mean that it is also water-resistant. The price range I've seen thus far is from 60 dollars all the way down to 40 bucks. Well, I thought I'd share this today since it seemed like a pretty good deal . . . that is, if it can really pick up strong signals from half a mile away; cheers!

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