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Monday, October 3, 2011

Jayonna Fabro - Images & Video

Well, this blog generally covers mundane subjects that, while usually being at least semi-interesting, informative or humorous, often lack a little zest and pizazz. So, to make up for it, I'll occasionally drop down some eye candy for your delight.

Today, I'm featuring the lovely, sexy, glamorous, thick & juicy model known as Jayonna Fabro. This girl has a lot of "junk in her trunk," as they say. She has a blissful backside for all the ones, including myself, that really enjoy the sight of big booty babes!
On this post, I'll provide a few images, a sample video from YouTube, and a link to a delightful, seductive image gallery page.

Jayonna Fabro, at least at the moment I'm writing this, is all-natural. Although, I've heard rumors that she has recently got breast implants, I'm yet to see any real images or videos that demonstrate such enlargements. I kinda like the fact that she hasn't had plastic surgery. I don't have any problem with big fake boobies or anything, but I'm just saying that with a phat backside like that, she doesn't need 'em!

Anyway, I'm about to post the YouTube video below. I'm sure there are way better videos of her out there, but I just snagged the first one I run across. I just wanted to show a sample video of her so you can get some idea how seductive she can be. The first part where they show her bent over in a chair for an extended period of time, is the best part of the video in my opinion. Ha-ha! I think that happens somewhere around the 35 second mark during that short vid.

Okay, now for a few images of this sexy model:

To see additional images of this succulent model, visit:
"Jayonna Fabro - Sexy Image Gallery"

---End of Post "Jayonna Fabro - Images & Video"

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