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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Popular Posts of 2012 - 13

Well, from time to time I'll do a post like this on my Blogger Blogs, since I have too many to keep updated, when it has been a while since I have added new content.  Outside of the post I wrote today about "Roaster Oven Recipes," it has been quite a while since the Mundane Blog was fairly active.

So, I went back, dug up some old stats and seen which posts were the most popular, during 2012 - 13.  I mainly do it for fun and for curiosity, although I'm rarely surprised.  Most of the time, any informative, well written post gets easily defeated by some quickly written entry filled with images of sexy babes, etc.  Ah hell, ya can't blame 'em, really, as who needs all those words when you can just do an image search and find half-naked or totally naked women online?  Ha!

Anyway, I probably should have made a top 10 post list, but since 5 seemed to be by far the most popular via search (mostly image searches, it seems), we'll go with that.

1)  'Prayer by Letters' Religious Scams & Stupid People - this post blew the others out of the water.  It was by far the number one most popular post for this blog.  I don't know if it was the religious scams part or the stupid people that reeled in the traffic; LOL!

2) Will the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) exist in the future? - even though it was by itself at 2nd place, with not a close 3rd in sight, something tells me that most of the searches for that post wasn't about the post office, but more about the girl sporting the tramp stamp I put at the end of that post...  Ha-ha!

3) Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs vs. BallPark Franks - Who cares? - coming in at 3rd (barely), it is hard to believe that this many people are out there searching about these 2 types of hot dogs...  Oh, wait a minute, maybe it was image searches for the girl I put at the end of that post, which was seductively eating a juicy frank...  Hey, don't look at me!   :)

4) Bikini & Lingerie Internet Model - Denise Milani - comes in at a close 4th, and it is to no surprise.  It seems that everybody and their grandmother is online searching for a sneak peak at Denise's big boobs!

5) Bad SEO Advice & Blogging for Money - was a post I did while making fun of all the wanna-be SEO gurus out there.  Needless to say, it had loads of traffic from spammers and, uh, SEO wanna-bes...  Ha!

Well, there you have it...

Hey, I could easily make this post more popular too, just by adding a super sexy image of a hot babe.  Hmm, lets see what I can do, below:

...Yeah, I think I'll name that image, "doggy style!"

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