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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Metaphysical Selenite

Like I've said in the past, although I don't practice any of that boogy-boogy metaphysical healing stuff, I used to collect many of the stones and crystals that were affiliated with this woo-woo, simply for decorative purposes. However, out of my vast collection, selenite is the only one I ended up throwing away. Now, if you read about all of the metaphysical glory this junk has, you'd think one would surround their entire house with it. I've even read that selenite removes energy blockages from physical and etheric bodies. Read more about the "healing" properties, here:

I also recall reading several years ago that if bad things start happening when you surround yourself with this stuff, get rid of it. Well, after having this selenite crap in my home for a couple years, I decided that it didn't do anything but bring bad luck, arguments, conflict, etc., for me, so I threw it all away. Yeah, it was suppose to open the gates of energy from my etheric body and whatnot, so evidently the energy blockages I had before the selenite entered my home were a good thing after all; ha-ha!

Plus, selenite is a soft mineral, scratches easy, and smells funny when it's heated. One may ask, "why would you heat your selenite?" Well, a lot of the selenite that I purchased acted as candle holders, so when they would get hot, they emitted a weird smell to say the least. At any metaphysical rate, I just thought I'd share these tidbits today. The one shown on this post is from the actual company that I purchased a lot of stones, crystals, and Himalayan salt rocks from.

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