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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bionic Ear - Electronic Listening (Spy) Device

Now here is a childish spy gadget that many nosy adults would probably enjoy; ha! It is called the "Bionic Ear" and it's an electronic listening device that suppose to enhance your spying potential. What I find funny about this little contraption is that it's advertised as a kid's toy, but how many small children do you know of that would think about privately listening to conversations from 300 feet away? I don't know, maybe things are different now, but when I was in Elementary school I had better things to do outside as opposed to pointing some bionic ear at a distant neighbor so I could eavesdrop for my sick-twisted listening pleasure.

Anyway, the bionic ear consists of an extremely sensitive microphone that claims to be able to pick up soft whispers from a football field away! You just look through the targeting scope thingy and squeeze the trigger to amplify your desired target's sounds/chatter/conversation. Hell, if you combine this particular electronic device with the USB Hidden Spy Voice Recorder that I posted about earlier, you should be all set. LOL!

Shopping Link: "Click Here for the Bionic Ear - Electronic Listening (Spy) Device"

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