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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bionic Ear - Electronic Listening (Spy) Device

Now here is a childish spy gadget that many nosy adults would probably enjoy; ha! It is called the "Bionic Ear" and it's an electronic listening device that suppose to enhance your spying potential. What I find funny about this little contraption is that it's advertised as a kid's toy, but how many small children do you know of that would think about privately listening to conversations from 300 feet away? I don't know, maybe things are different now, but when I was in Elementary school I had better things to do outside as opposed to pointing some bionic ear at a distant neighbor so I could eavesdrop for my sick-twisted listening pleasure.

Anyway, the bionic ear consists of an extremely sensitive microphone that claims to be able to pick up soft whispers from a football field away! You just look through the targeting scope thingy and squeeze the trigger to amplify your desired target's sounds/chatter/conversation. Hell, if you combine this particular electronic device with the USB Hidden Spy Voice Recorder that I posted about earlier, you should be all set. LOL!

Update: I checked back on this device a couple years later and I see that it's still available. It looks like the price has dropped a little bit, so that's always nice.  I also noticed a new product for sale (after following the shopping link below) that's a 2-in-1 spying device described as the Spy X Micro Eyes & Ears - which not only functions as a bionic ear (although I doubt it has the same range as the previous product) by helping you hear from far away, but also helps you see in the dark via night vision or something like that. However, the product reviews looked much better for the original electronic listening I was talking about at the beginning of the post, so it's most likely an inferior model, etc. At any rate, I was just adding a few more words to this post regardless if it was just a bunch of senseless twaddle; ha!

Shopping Link: "Click Here for the Bionic Ear - Electronic Listening (Spy) Device"

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